Jordan Pappas
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level IT roles
A well-rounded leader ready to become your next big asset.

Using data cleaning, data manipulation, data visualization methods, I tackle complex topics and distill them into simple and understandable ideas. I am proficient in SQL, Excel, R, Python, Tableau, and Stata, and I have experience in machine learning tools such as regression analysis, k-means clustering, and support vector machines.

My skills in data analysis and story-telling visualizations will propel your business forward.

Excited to relocate anywhere in the world

Work Experience

Economics Research Assistant - University of Rochester Medical Center

1 year

● Supported health economic research through data cleaning, data manipulation, data visualization methods ● Cleaned over 20 datasets and provided visualizations for at least 4 academic policy papers ● Successfully gathered, arranged and parsed Drilling data in Pennsylvania to plot charts of production rate by oil and gas companies using ggplot2 to gain insight into whether gas well regulatory compliance is related to neighborhood socioeconomic status ● Prepared R scripts with Fracking data to pull Fracking Production Rates and analyze Geographic Economic Impact using standard linear regression ● Prepared literature reviews in Resource Conservation policy, Ethane Cracking, and Childhood Cancers to create early-stage research reports and presentations that were used for submission to peer-review journals

Emergency Medical Technician - University of Rochester

2 years

● Executed critical health decision making in high-pressure situations

Personality Type


Understands how to fix people’s most difficult problems. Always moving forward with solutions even in the face of major obstacles and challenges.

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Awesome profile Jordan!

Really great, clear video and some solid projects in your portfolio.

2 mo. ago

Great work, Jordan! Huge fan of how you're documenting and showing your work.

2 mo. ago

Welcome Jordan! Great to have you here. Is product QA a type of role you’re looking for? I came across this one today while writing an upcoming blog piece, and thought of you because of this: “Expertise: You use logging, SQL, scripting, and other tools to debug tricky issues and create manual and automated tests.”

Not sure if that’s up your alley. Check it out:

2 mo. ago
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