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Hey Webflow,
I'm Morgan Von Gunten.

Hey, Webflow! I'm thrilled about your Managing Editor role—so I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit.

Here's something I made just for you.

My Tech Stack


If you like the content calendar, it's yours! I'd love to schedule a time to talk with you—reach out to me anytime below.

“I ended up with 11 interviews this past week.”
Carson Westrich Headshot
Carson Westrich

The old way to find jobs

Bullet points, resumes, cover letters, applications.

Monotony, boredom, black holes.

resumes and applications, gross

The new way to get hired.

Skills, passions, people, pitches.

Discovery, growth, connection, fulfillment.

Chucklefish hiring tweet

Hey Chucklefish,
I'm Corné van Straten.

I'm so excited about your Junior Marketing Creative role, I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit:

Here’s my mockup showing what I think the landing page at should look like so the game sells even better!

As you can see, I couldn't wait to get started so I already did. Let's set up a call and keep that momentum going!

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“Thanks for making this fun instead of depressing!”
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Brad Matthews

Take control of your job hunt

Great opportunities aren’t generic. Neither are you.

Launch a career you love.

Hey job seeker,
I'm Jérémy Chevallier.

I’m really excited about your potential! Don’t be just another resume in a pile. Showcase your best self with a pitch that’s hard to ignore.

Include a unique offering such as a sample project, free trial, paid trial…or something we haven’t thought of yet?

Then close it with a call-to-action: what do you want them to do? In your case, start a pitch below:

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