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Hey Webflow,
I'm Morgan Von Gunten.

Hey, Webflow! I'm thrilled about your Managing Editor role—so I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit.

Here's something I made just for you.

My Tech Stack


If you like the content calendar, it's yours! I'd love to schedule a time to talk with you—reach out to me anytime below.

I tried spray and pray for 2 months — 10 apps per week. Started sending pitches and out of 7 pitches, I got 4 interviews and one job offer. Huge difference.
Maxine Cox
Data Analyst at Ware2Go

Crash is the new way to get hired.

Ditch the PDF resumes uploaded into application black-boxes. Skip applying to hundreds of jobs hoping to hear back from just one.

The old way to find jobs: resumes.

Resumes filled with bullet points. Generic cover letters. Endless applications.

  • Generic resumes

    Monotonous, forced showboating, packed with irrelevant details. Don't forget agonizing over trivialities like font choices and whether your email should come before or after phone number.

  • Overwhelming job boards

    An onslaught of bland, impersonal job descriptions. A million mediocore options to choose from.

  • Non-committal responses

    You upload your PDF resume and are answered with a delightful "expect to hear back in 4-6 weeks" (psst: that really means never).

The better way: send a Crash pitch instead.

Show your skills. Talk about your passions. Connect with real people.

  • Personal, engaging, and compelling.

    Don't try to compress your life into a series of bullet points. Crash pitches let you tell your story!

  • Personalized and targeted

    Forget the "spray-and-pray" approach of applying to hundreds of jobs hoping one works out. Targeting pitches to specific companies is vastly more effective (and significantly less soul-crushing!).


Hey Chucklefish,
I'm Corné van Straten.

I'm so excited about your Junior Marketing Creative role, I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit:

Here’s my mockup showing what I think the landing page at inmostgame.com should look like so the game sells even better!

As you can see, I couldn't wait to get started so I already did. Let's set up a call and keep that momentum going!

A tweet from an employee of Chucklefish announcing they are hiring a Junior Marketing Creative role
It’s habitual for me to just give up searching for candidates when I use other job posting sites. Crash is a breath of fresh air, it’s phenomenal to see the person behind the resume and what they’re truly passionate about.
Nicholas Merten
Founder + CEO @ Digifox

Take control of your job hunt.

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Show ’em what you’re really made of.

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Hey Typeform,
I'm Kasen Wysong.

I'm so excited about your Customer Support Advocate role (and I personally love using Typeform), I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit:


This is a highlights reel I made for feature releases from the 2018 year. We sent it to our partners as a fun recap of the year. This shows I can work with product and marketing teams, delight customers, and take initiative.


Hey Ware2Go,
I'm Maxine Cox.

I'm really excited about the data analyst role at Ware2Go. Here's why I'd be a great fit for the role!

I have multiple projects that show my proficiency in SQL, Python, Tableau and Excel, as well as statistical data analysis and reporting.

When I started learning these skills last year in Thinkful's Data Analytics bootcamp I completed the program 2 months ahead of schedule and passed the course with flying colors.

As a data analyst at Ware2Go, I'll keep it up by continuing to learn as I go and produce great work to show for it.

Relevant Tools in My Skillset:


Click through to my profile to see more of my work!

Hey Patreon,
I'm Justin Harris.

I'm excited about developing my production skills and creating positive art with Jack as the next Content Producer at Patreon. Here's why in 90 seconds:


Below is one of my favorite portfolio pieces. I produced this behind the scenes video in collaboration with LG Electronics for the #UltraWide #DreamSetup festival.

I'd love to discuss the future of creativity, work, and learning and see how I can create value for Patreon. Take a look at my profile or email me to setup an interview. Thanks in advance.

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