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10+ years
  • Multiple Businesses and Side Hustles
  • I am always looking for an untouched or vulnerable market. My entrepreneurial experience became with selling candy, lemonade, and baseball cards. I sold coozies dressed like a soda can to hide the beer. I created a small clothing brand, and sold a entry-level small cap crypto course.
Barback/ Bartender
1.5 years

totaly natual and comforatble talking to people and strangers, learned great customer service, doing things before asked, and how to sell the more expensive bottles.

Co owned and Operated Dollar Sign Empire **

I was able to connect with Drew the founder of Dollar Sign Empire and he brought me along as a major influential role in the content and brain behind the company. I was able to help grow dollar sign empire to the following it has today. (over 1.2 mill followers on tiktok) but made the decision to step away due to the unprofessionalism of the other co-owners.

I created cold call scripts for BlockFi

I formed scripts to pitch BlockFis servies to potential leads

I wrote a Entry on DefI

Wall street 2.0 as we call it.

Why College is the biggest misleading necessity.

College can be a great place to network, meet new people, possibly gain internships, have fun, and more. But more often than not, it isn’t

Why Doorknocking is the best sales experience you can get.

From getting doors slammed in your face to have to deal with the answer no, I gained so much knowledge and understanding from this experience.

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