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Graham G. Seymour:


💥 Remoteriffic 💥Innovation, Sales, & Strategy Executive


AKA: your MRR BFF , looking for a forever home... 😎


Quick Stats:

  • > 🔥 $1BN Rev 🔥

  • > 💼 $100MM VC 💼

  • > ✊ 1k led

You can also call me “Grey”. 🏳️‍🌈 (he, him) 🏳️‍🌈 x


What I’m all about:

My focus is on helping companies & the people that compose them simplify, streamline, and accelerate their hiring & operations.

See, even Crash says I’m a Fixer:


Bridges the gap between vision and execution. The one people turn to when they need something done and don’t know how to make it happen.


(In reality, though? This is my sneaky ploy to get your rev-machine humming along swimmingly while we spin out wild yet achievable new/expanded revenue streams, together.)

Few things excite me more than helping professionals sleep better at night,

and I'm fortunate to be able to have assisted thousands of entrepreneurs, hiring managers, business owners, consultants, creators & dreamers do just that.

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I fully endorse Graham for his strong business acumen that he thoughtfully employs on a daily basis to innovatively solve hard business problems. While others will take business inefficiencies or leakage as status-quo, Graham will fully embrace the issue to understand the root cause and intelligently apply novel business solutions to generate a consistently excellent resolution that stands out simply because it caters to all customers/clients, and business partners concerns

Melissa Scharff,
Mentor of 10+ Years, APAC Operations Leader @ Apple


Not sold yet?

Don’t worry, I like to deep-dive, too. Read on!


A few of my past roles:


Marketing/Communications Program Director @ HP Enterprise
5-9 years

Combining previous experience with SMB and channel partners to drive more profitable alliances, I helped grow a BU from sub $1MM to $125MM ARR.

Sr. Sales & Marketing Engineer Emeritus @ Toptal
1.5 years

As employee #6 @ Toptal, I helped the team grow, from an inconsistent ~$7-10k MRR to over $10MM MRR, driving global, pan-org projects in Sales & Innovation Ops.

VP Marketing Communications @ Correlata
2 years

Architected global rebrand of Correlata - formerly iTAnalyzer - an Israeli tech firm focused on Datacenter ops & innovation. Led GTM to US market with first US partners in B2B/Enterprise.

Graham comes with a deep passion for driving sales and process improvements in pursuit to put the customer first. He has experience in data analytics, content creation, and process management. His energy and work ethic to be a change agent for success is a pleasure to work with.

Timothy Loeffel Jr.
Former Direct Mgr @ HP, now Sr. Program Mgr. @ Amazon


A few of my prior wins:


Toptal Women’s Scholarship

Defined and executed a scholarship to promote women joining the STEM field in order to promote diversity and build on social good.

Michael Bastian x HP - MB Chronowing

I led design partnership with acclaimed menswear designer Michael Bastian, as well as supply chain innovation and delivery for Hewlett Packard, to deliver the HP x MB Chronowing - HP's first true smartwatch, and the first true fashion forward smartwatch. It rocked.


A skill or two...


Zendesk Sell
Stanford Certified PM
Google Analytics
Six Sigma
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Sprout Social
Microsoft Dynamics
ClickUp - Project Management
Atlassian Jira

Simply put, Graham is a sales and marketing genius. I had the pleasure of working with him on a number of projects at Toptal and was continually impressed by his relentless drive, sixth sense for client needs, resourcefulness, and attention to detail.

I watched him deploy a sophisticated marketing automation system, which he designed himself, that not only predicted which prospects would convert, but also integrated social and professional data to anticipate which value propositions they would find most compelling. His sales figures speak for themselves in terms of the effectiveness of these and other innovate approaches to his team.

Beyond what Graham brings in terms of hard skills, his keen sense of humor and consensus-building approach to team dynamics makes him an invaluable leader. Graham was the most effective cross-functional player I interacted with at Toptal and he proactively built relationships with teams far outside his role in order to bring the best of the company to his clients.

If you’re lucky enough to work with Graham, you can expect him to move the needle overnight, energize people around him, synthesize the data with nuanced product and customer observations, and, most of all, to be constantly motivated by his infectious enthusiasm!

Michael Keaton
Collaborator at Toptal, now Data Science Mgr. & SMB Strategist, *Facebook*


Phew... we made it through that, together -

I feel like we’ve bonded a bit, don’t you??? Let’s take this to the next level and explore collaboration together, yeah?