Gustavo Reyes
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Sales roles
Trained in using Science-Based Sales Processes to Increase Lead quantity and quality for AE's and Sales Pros!

Hard Work ✓ Dedication ✓ Commitment ✓ | "Life Long Learner"

I have a lot I want to accomplish, and it’s not going to get done if I'm not out there making it happen.

✓ An honest intellectual who is organized and committed to achieving my goals.

✓ A person of resilience, with the stamina and charisma to push past objections with confidence.

✓ A tenacious and hard-working team player who appreciates the opportunities that are given before me.

✓ Bachelor's Degree in Digital Art & Design. 3+ years as a Professional Graphic Designer

✓ Very into self-awareness and meditation. On my off time, I enjoy exercising and practicing yoga.

Orlando, FL
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Work Experience


3 months

Graphics Specialist-United States Professional Tennis Association

2 years

Freelance Graphic Designer

2 years

Multimedia Designer- Halscott Magaro PA

1 year

Multimedia Designer - Custom Designs International

6 months

Tech Stack


LinkedIn Sales Navigator




Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Google Sheets

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator




LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Personality Type

Wise Counselor

Transfers knowledge to people to help them solve problems. Has the ability to create accurate mental models and understand how to best work with each individual.

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