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As a tech guru, I am passionate about finding the latest and greatest technology. That passion started at a young age as I was enthralled in the world of video games. I was always interested in how computers worked and how we use code to speak their language. That passion has brought me to a career in IT where for the past 6 years I have spent my time helping others in their day-to-day with a wide range of hardware, software, and network problem.

I attended ITT Technical Institute, and while their course was not the best I have more and made up for that with hard work and experience. I also spent some time at Full Sail University learning about Video Game Design and development during my career. I learned how to organize my thoughts and meet deadlines that I believe will be helpful in my career overall.

Now I am on a new journey in my career going through the PreHired certification system to become a Sales rep for technology, as stated before I am passionate about technology and helping people with technology. I want to use my experience to help people find the tech they need to make their businesses better, and I have vast knowledge and a passion for completing that goal.

Detroit, MI, or remote
SDR for hire - Prehired
3 months

Science-Based Sales® Certified Company Name: Prehired Contract Dates Employed: Jun 2021 – Present Employment Duration: 3 mos Location: Canton, Michigan, United States

From my preHIRED mentors, I learned sales methodologies, tools, skills, and workflows to be at the top 5% of sales performers.

• Researched & replicated sales systems from preHIRED's Science-Based Sales® methodology. • Prospected- to generate high quantity & quality of sales leads. • Qualified - to ensure alignment between buyer and seller. • Discovered - to dive deep into goals, challenges, and solutions. • Advised- to uncover value/insight, create urgency, remove barriers, and close deals if there is a mutual fit between the buyer and seller. • Science-Based Sales® messaging for calls, meetings/demo calls, social media, and emails. • Trained on many of the top CRMs, lead generation, sales automation, and productivity tools: Outreach, Interseller, Hubspot, Seamless.io, Hunter, & many more!

I was personally trained by the top sales rep at Outreach!

Help Desk Agent - Washtenaw County
3 years

Helpdesk Employee level I/II Company Name: Washtenaw County Full-time Dates Employed: Jun 2018 – Present Employment Duration: 3 yrs 3 mos Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan Helped troubleshoot various IT-based issues, for all staff at Washtenaw County.

Assist in password resets Computer and Email account creation Assisted with setting up email on staff cell phones Troubleshooting the Microsoft Suite of software

IT Support Technician - Stefanini

Dates Employed: Jul 2016 – Jun 2018 Employment Duration: 2 yrs Location: 27335 West Eleven Mile Southfield

Provided general and administrative IT support for various projects.

Answering phone calls from staff from various projects including Essilor, Ernst & Young, and CNH. Gathered and organized information to provide to Hardware and Network techs so they could provide further troubleshooting. *Monitor and troubleshoot essential servers for Essilor on a day-to-day basis.

IT Support Technician - Human Capital Staffing (Contracted to Stefanini

Oct 2015 – Jul 2016 Employment Duration1: 0 mos Location: 27335 West Eleven mile road, Southfield, MI

Account Administration creation of company accounts using the Active Directory

Adding and removing users to specific company groups. Password resets and accounts unlocked Server Monitor and troubleshooting Troubleshooting general computer issues

Simulation of a Cold Call

Describe in a few sentences what the project is and what you learned from it as it relates to the job you're trying to win.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Google Suite

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