Silas Mahner
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Marketing roles
Currently transitioning from sales to an operations role and looking for a start-up with a solid vision that I can help grow.

I love all things business. That is why I launched a tea company where I lead everything from product development to fulfilling orders. My goal in life is to inspire people to be compassionate, so together we can make the world a better place.

Connecting with people is what I do, which makes me good for any role in your company. I'm excited to learn from the best so I can grow.

I will promote the vision of the company I work for, on and off the clock. I am a campaigner it's what I do.

What I can do for you.

  • Schedule appointments with supplier/new clients
  • Make calls
  • Organize events
  • Track sales, calls, stats, with excel
  • Create reports on that info and on process improvement
Excited to relocate anywhere in United States or Detroit, MI or Remote
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Work Experience

Marketing Specialist

3 months

I am currently working here. My role is sales, service, and website development. I sell the service, then I help create the site or content. It is my first official marketing role but it is a great learning experience.

Insurance Agent at Knights of Columbus

2 years

My duties in this role were: Making Cold Calls. Conducting sales and review appointments with those clients. Servicing their existing life insurance policies. Updating the local councils on the insurance-related news from the home office. Data entry and management.

Floor Manager at Better Built Custom Cabinetry

4 years

In this role, I performed the work on the floor, I managed all short term help, and I managed the installs of the cabinetry.


My insurance career: A case study.

This is a case study and recollection of all the skills I learned during my 1.5 years of selling life insurance and annuities.


My Business: Che Mate

There is no short way to say this, but I’ll try. I started Che Mate (A US-based Yerba Mate distribution company) to learn hands-on what it takes to start and run a business from product creation to distribution. Running Che Mate has taught me Marketing, Operations, Adaptability, and Online Sales. You can check out the company website to learn a bit more.


Deliberate: My Podcast.

This is my podcast, wherein I share my daily thoughts/motivation and my Praxis projects/interviews.


My best shot at duplicating a well-crafted email.

I found a really good piece of copywriting and wanted to see if I could duplicate it for my own company, Che Mate. In this, I break the email down, then give my best duplication of it.


How I doubled my brain capacity for work.

How many of your potential employees have a second brain with data from everything they have learned? One thing is certain, I do. This is something I built in September of 2019 and ever since then, I have been documenting all the things I learn and most of the thoughts that will help me to be a more useful contributor to whatever company I work for.


Silas P. Mahner

This is my personal website that houses my podcasts, vlogs, most of my blogs, some information about myself, and a list of my businesses.


Silas Mahner

A link to my YouTube Channel, that has all my video form podcasts, and video creations. Basically I am a go-getter and you want me on your team.


Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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That video is incredibly creative! Excited to see how your job hunt goes as you make it a public campaign. Question for you: what makes you most excited about an operations or marketing job at a startup?

1 mo. ago

I have a decent understanding on how businesses are run but I want to sharpen my knowledge in that area by leading a team. If I get a marketing position I would be looking to really deepen my understanding of the particulars of creating a campaign and executing it on a large scale as compared to my small scale experiments.

1 mo. ago

Love it.

1 mo. ago

Thank you for visiting my Crash profile. Regardless of who you are, you know someone who is hiring, or are one of those people. So...if you consider yourself a sharing person, which I am sure you are 😉, please share this with that person.

15 day ago

Silas - your video and profile are super interesting, thorough, and specific. I LOVE that your vision is to look back on your life with no-regrets.

I'll keep an eye out for operations jobs, especially in Detroit.

1 day ago

Thank you, Joel. I really appreciate that! Is there anything of value I can bring to you? Maybe a bit of research or a LinkedIn review.

1 day ago

That's very thoughtful of you. I see you're a "detective." Right now, I'm looking to build a list of interesting companies in Atlanta, for SDR roles. Any research on that end would be beyond appreciated. Let's connect on email, joel.bein at

1 day ago
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