Silas Mahner
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Marketing roles
I've been in sales for over two years. Now I want to use those skills to learn operations...but not with any company. I want to be a part of a company with a clear vision. Is that you?

I love all things business. That is why I launched a tea company where I lead everything from product development to fulfilling orders. My goal in life is to inspire people to be compassionate, so together we can make the world a better place.

Connecting with people is what I do, which makes me good for any role in your company. I'm excited to learn from the best so I can grow.

I will promote the vision of the company I work for, on and off the clock. I am a campaigner it's what I do.

What I can do for you.

  • Schedule appointments with supplier/new clients
  • Make calls
  • Organize events
  • Track sales, calls, stats, with excel
  • Create reports on that info and on process improvement
  • I'll even get the coffee
Excited to relocate anywhere in United States or Detroit, MI or Remote
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Work Experience

Insurance Agent at Knights of Columbus

2 years

My duties in this role were: Making Cold Calls. Conducting sales and review appointments with those clients. Servicing their existing life insurance policies. Updating the local councils on the insurance-related news from the home office. Data entry and management.

Marketing Specialist

6 months

I am currently working here. My role is sales, service, and website development. I sell the service, then I help create the site or content. It is my first official marketing role but it is a great learning experience.

Floor Manager at Better Built Custom Cabinetry

4 years

In this role, I performed the work on the floor, I managed all short term help, and I managed the installs of the cabinetry.


My insurance career: A case study.

This is a case study and recollection of all the skills I learned during my 1.5 years of selling life insurance and annuities.


My Business: Che Mate

There is no short way to say this, but I’ll try. I started Che Mate (A US-based Yerba Mate distribution company) to learn hands-on what it takes to start and run a business from product creation to distribution. Running Che Mate has taught me Marketing, Operations, Adaptability, and Online Sales. You can check out the company website to learn a bit more.


Deliberate: My Podcast.

This is my podcast, wherein I share my daily thoughts/motivation and my Praxis projects/interviews.


My best shot at duplicating a well-crafted email.

I found a really good piece of copywriting and wanted to see if I could duplicate it for my own company, Che Mate. In this, I break the email down, then give my best duplication of it.


How I doubled my brain capacity for work.

How many of your potential employees have a second brain with data from everything they have learned? One thing is certain, I do. This is something I built in September of 2019 and ever since then, I have been documenting all the things I learn and most of the thoughts that will help me to be a more useful contributor to whatever company I work for.


Personal Website.

This is my personal website. Here you will find more background on me, some info on my businesses (side hustles), links to my blog, vlog, and podcast, and most importantly you can get to know me through my story.


Silas Mahner

A link to my YouTube Channel, that has all my video form podcasts, and video creations. Basically I am a go-getter and you want me on your team.


Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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That video is incredibly creative! Excited to see how your job hunt goes as you make it a public campaign. Question for you: what makes you most excited about an operations or marketing job at a startup?

4 mo. ago

I have a decent understanding on how businesses are run but I want to sharpen my knowledge in that area by leading a team. If I get a marketing position I would be looking to really deepen my understanding of the particulars of creating a campaign and executing it on a large scale as compared to my small scale experiments.

4 mo. ago

Love it.

4 mo. ago

Thank you for visiting my Crash profile. Regardless of who you are, you know someone who is hiring, or are one of those people. So...if you consider yourself a sharing person, which I am sure you are 😉, please share this with that person.

3 mo. ago

Silas - your video and profile are super interesting, thorough, and specific. I LOVE that your vision is to look back on your life with no-regrets.

I'll keep an eye out for operations jobs, especially in Detroit.

3 mo. ago

Thank you, Joel. I really appreciate that! Is there anything of value I can bring to you? Maybe a bit of research or a LinkedIn review.

3 mo. ago

That's very thoughtful of you. I see you're a "detective." Right now, I'm looking to build a list of interesting companies in Atlanta, for SDR roles. Any research on that end would be beyond appreciated. Let's connect on email, joel.bein at

3 mo. ago
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