What is Crash?

Crash is a career launch platform.

You can think of it kinda like a reverse jobs board.

Jobs Board


  1. an online service employers use to advertise jobs
  2. something boring that doesn’t work very well

It’s hard for job-seekers and hiring managers to find each other.

We want to make it easy.

So we're helping people turn their job hunt into an event.



a fun, proactive, collaborative approach to launching a career

Forget polishing your resume and boring application processes. Forget submitting stuff into a black box and getting nothing back.

Tell your story! Launch a profile, share your skills and interests, tap your network for support, and get direct exposure to people looking to hire someone just like you.

Why can’t you crowdsource the job hunt? Instead of a monotonous process that sucks, let’s make it an event and invite everyone to be a part of it!

How Crash works for job-seekers:

  1. Sign up. Get instant access to a personal profile, custom URL, and a reserved launch date.
  2. Complete a profile to show off your skills and let the world know what kind of roles you’re looking for and what you’re all about.
  3. Rally your friends, family, and network to help out. Don’t go it alone!

How Crash works for hiring managers:

  1. Set your clocks hirers. Every week, new profiles will launch on Crash’s homepage.
  2. If a job-seeker catches your eye, you can request an interview with them or ask them to pitch you.
  3. Cut through the stack of resumes and discover your next great hire.

Get your network in on it!

Odds are, someone who knows someone you know has info about a great job. But if they don’t know about you the match never gets made!

Friends can leave feedback on profiles, refer jobs, or share profiles with hirers. Share your profile with your circle and we’ll promote it to top companies in our network. Anyone who sees your profile can vote on it and help boost your signal.

Don’t ‘spray and pray’, or ‘submit and sit’. Take the lead. Turn your job hunt into a campaign. Make it fun!

Are you ready for launch?

Create a profile and get started