Adam Lautoa
Interested in Intermediate Sales & Intermediate Customer Success roles
BDR/SDR for Hire Providing Exceptional Service in every situation!

Ive worked at the worlds greatest 4 star resort, to the happiest place on earth.

There I Provided some of the finest customer service. In some of the most hostile places/situations on earth! I know its crazy to think Disneyland and The Balboa Bay Resort as hostile places but they can be!

But of course you'll always receive service with a smile and never know that!

As an account manager I developed strong relationships with our existing partners. I hunted vigorously when asked. And produced several new profitable relationships

As a Purchasing Agent i reduced cost on materials by negotiating better terms. I would relentlessly source to ensure we were always getting the best pricing that we could.

To being bathe in the fires of Prehired Science-Based Sales®. Trained On some latest and greatest tools in sales and tech!

That will deliver Results and provide clarity to you and our clients .

Want to see what I can do you specifically.. and How I can impact your team?

Schedule a quick 15 min with me Today :)

Westminster, CA
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Work Experience

Purchasing Clerk

2 years

Sales Specialist

6 months

Account manager

1 year

Purchasing Agent

2 years
Personality Type


Overcomes all obstacles that prevent the completion of a task, process, or goal. Focuses intently on the finish line.

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Awesome profile Adam!

25 day ago

Thank you Isaac!

25 day ago
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