Can your words magically turn into revenue?

Want to multiply the "earning power" of an ad, email, blog, website or letter? Watch this video to see what a "closer in print" can do for your business - and potentially transform it into a unstoppable machine...


With the power of the the written word, you can multiply your leads, event attendees and sales.

And by delegating this to a specialist in "printed salesmanship", not only are you able to save more time, effort and budget...

A conversion-focused copywriter:

  • Crafts more ideas for your marketing campaign (which means more content and more fans!)
  • Compels your readers and viewers to take action in the subtlest ways possible (which means more leads and customers!)
  • Optimizes every nook and cranny of your website and your marketing campaign for conversions (which means endless scalability!)
  • Speaks the language of your ideal customer (which is worth in gold!)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Need an ad that's compliant yet scalable?
  • A series of emails that turn your leads into raving customers?
  • Blogs and video scripts that get your viewers to want some more?
  • Or an offer page that isn't too salesy but still gets the point across?

Whichever goal you want, leverage my skills and consider them done.

To get an better idea of what I can do for you, check out some of my works below...

Freelance Copywriter
1 year

With my newfound experiences in sales and content marketing (see below), I returned to my preferred medium of communication - writing. I brought all this knowledge into print as a copywriter and applied them to reach out to much bigger audiences.

Insurance Underwriter - Admiral Insurance
6 months

Approved insurance policies and upsold ancillaries and multi-car policies. I greatly enhanced my skills on inbound sales and customer relationship management.

Marketing Assistant - Tony Maree Torrey
6 months

Helped with content creation and email & social media automation. Learned to use apps like CoSchedule and

Sales Account Executive - Astoria Marketing Co.
3 months

Promoted the Options Mastercard to visiting customers. Developed the skill of direct sales.

Project Manager - MEC International, Ltd.
3 months

Overlooked various campaigns and projects of the firm. Developed the skills of customer/market research, event organization and newsletter editing.

My Greatest Project (To Date)

Ever wondered how much a copywriter can bring to a business in a week?

My last client is an education and career advisor for international students here in Canada. This particular campaign directed traffic to a webinar - where he would later sell a $97 personal development program.

I wrote copy for the Facebook ads, landing page, emails and upsell page. I also wrote Instagram posts to enhance his presence organically. Results? A week later, we nearly tripled the webinar attendees and the email open rate went up to around 40%.

The doc showcases some online copy for the Facebook ads, emails and Instagram posts.

An Upcoming Mini-Project

I wrote this product description for a technologist. He wants to introduce a new sort of "hydraulic lift trailer" in the near future.

The product is still in development stage, but he will use my copy once it launches.

Heritage Resort Exercise

This Filipino heritage resort I recently visited was so intriguing that I decided to craft copy about it as an exercise. In the doc, I wrote 1 Facebook ad and 3 emails.

To showcase a few other skills, I included a simple Market Research section and a very brief Strategy segment before the actual copy.

Software Email Exercise

If you can train customers to do something other than buying - you're more likely to have a strong, long-term relationship with them.

By directing readers to different content or surveys, you...

  • Appear less salesy
  • Provide more value
  • Establish your authority more effectively
  • Receive more quality feedback from your market
  • Excite your leads for upcoming offers and content

So in this exercise, I simply ask readers to fill a survey for the new version of Instant Scripts, a copywriting software.

While this is an exercise, I showed this to an A-list copywriter and received a lot of praise with this work. I'm sure you'll say the same thing once you see it yourself!

Featured in!

I was recently featured to write a blog on the different benefits of writing "Facebook Ad compliant" copy. In this short article, you'll learn those benefits, and have an idea on how I write blogs.

My Latest Project

I edited the website copy of a yoga digital marketing agency. The client was so happy with my own rendition - particularly its subtle focus on the benefits and the backstory.

My secret?

If you intend to turn website visitors and readers into customers, always ask yourself : "What's In It For Them?"

Do it often and expect engagements to go up. ;)

Google Docs
Instant Scripts
Facebook Ads
Collects data and information from all possible angles. Highly analytical and uses data to inform all their insights. Sees connections no one else sees.

One Last Note...

Perhaps you've hired someone who promised the same things as I do. Somewhere along the lines of: "writing complacent ad copy" or "high-converting content"...

Then it didn't work out. :(

That's why it's smart to do two things:

(1) Check what I can do for you (see my samples above); and

(2) Contact me to see if we're truly a good fit.

Between inaction (and remaining unscalable) or immediate hiring (and risking your budget), the most prudent course of action is by first allowing me to see where you are in your business - then I can tell you how I can help you and your team.

Sound fair?

If so, click on the button below and let's talk!

See you on the other side,

Adrian Lacson