Adrian Peckham
Interested in Intermediate Sales & Entry level Marketing roles
Sales Pro for Hire. If i can't solve your problems, I'll find out why, and take you somewhere that can. Getting Clarity for your software sales team and providing further growth. Connect?

Let me ask you this..

What do you need help with/problem solved/ obstacle/s? What changes need to be made to achieve your goals or what's not working currently? What are your thoughts? How will YOU bring about real world change on a global scale, from micro to macro? What ideas do you wish to enlighten the world with?

Give me a quota, i'll crush it or tell you exactly why it didnt work and work harder after with a better, custom workflow. If i don't know why, I'll find the answer.

Anything i set my mind to, i accomplish; no matter what it is. I study systems daily on all levels of perception and awareness from many different points.

Currently looking into entry to director of Sales/Analyst roles, or anything you feel would be a good fit with my criteria for jobs below, or even a job i could grow into.

Some examples of what i look for in any company...

One or more criteria below is key:

  1. If the company peaks my interest OR is unique with goals/what they do

  2. Growth/Learning/Training/Support system (Im not a number, i am human.)

  3. BASE SALARY - 40k minimum/Large impact

  4. Uncapped commission

  5. Experience/Culture

Make it worth my time and I'll make it well worth your ROI!

I can prove any tech i have on my profile, if needed. Just ask!

What i want is a company i can grow with, learn from, or change for the better on a global scale. For me, it's about the experiences we create in life, the choices we make, and the resolution or dedication to bring positive ideas into light all over the world.

Some of my long term goals are to be an inventor and scientist; positively change the world and preserve all life; to be the best person overall that I can be in life to all I can connect to within it. Current goals are to learn, grow, create, and inspire innovation.

The stronger the positive impact i can make in the world, the better.

Thanks for looking!

Remote or CA, NY
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Work Experience

3 months

EMTS/Ride OP. - Waterworks Park (EMT, Ride Operator)

3 months

Professional Photographer - 530 Studio Photography

3 months

Admissions / Ticket / Ride / Parking Sales at Shasta District Fair

3 months

Dual Management + Team at Les Schwab Tires (Sales & Service)

1 year

Garden Associate/Sales/Loader/Cashier at The Home Depot

1 year

Tech Stack

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro







Google Analytics

Google Sheets

Google Slides



Microsoft Office














Personality Type


Prefer to have the ball in their court. Drives initiatives and processes to close deals. Ability to connect with many people and maintain relationships at scale.

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Hey, fellow crashers, watchers, and companies! What do you think of the profile? Questions, comments, or concerns? Just ask! :) Feel free to write whatever you feel, think, or are unsure about below. I await your responses!

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