Amanda Jones
Interested in Entry level Customer Success & Entry level Marketing roles
Hire me to bring on a systematic problem solver with relentless curiosity!

Hello, I’m Amanda!

I am a creative problem solver and effective communicator. I have experience with marketing software seen in my tech stack below and am eager to experiment and learn on the job!

I'm dedicated to seeing customers rave about our company and products. I will bring my critical thinking, organization, and personability to your team.

Now I want to bring my eagerness to learn and results-oriented mindset to your company.

Click the blue-button below to contact me and discuss how I can be an asset to your team!

Remote or United States
Enrolled in Praxis Learn more

Work Experience

Ad Operations Coordinator- Industry Dive

6 months

Sign Artist and Merchandiser- Trader Joe's

1 year

Sales Associate and Program Director- Kaizen Mixed Martial Arts

6 months


LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

I created a ready-to-implement LinkedIn marketing campaign for Temperpack. This project highlights my copy writing, marketing, and market research skills.


LinkedIn Video: What Is Marketing- Really?

Being the naturally curious investigator that I am, I asked my LinkedIn network for insight about misconceptions in marketing. Click to see the response I got from using video to expand my network and knowledgebase.


Tutorial: How to Create a Landing Page and Collect Leads

I am always experimenting with marketing software to discover the best systems for creating and reporting on content. In this tutorial I show how to make a landing page using Leadsquared and how to use Zapier to collect leads.


A Week In the Life of an Advertiser

Click to see how I organize my ad operations workflow, the ad reporting documentation I created, and my approach to being on-boarded as an ad operations coordinator.


Develop Influence and Brand Recognition Using Instagram

Brand recognition and influence starts with your product and it hinges on the way you market it. Click to see how I created an Instagram marketing strategy.


The House Show: What I Learned From An Intimate Musical Gathering

I hosted a music gathering in my house and was able to learn marketing, logistics, and event hosting skills.


3 Tips to Kickstart Email Marketing

See how I learned to use email marketing to build an audience for my online philosophy community.


Personality Type


Prefer to have the ball in their court. Drives initiatives and processes to close deals. Ability to connect with many people and maintain relationships at scale.

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Great work on your profile! My favorite part is still the mock mission to Mars. So cool. Found two roles you might like–one's a marketing content copywriter position, and the other is a content lead.

6 mo. ago

Thanks Morgan! At this rate we may be able to find me some leads at NASA... slightly joking, but in the meantime I will get on those leads!

6 mo. ago

👩🏼‍🚀 Awesome!

6 mo. ago

Hello! Thanks for stopping by- I have so much more to show you!

  • Want free marketing collateral? Up Vote my Crash profile above☝️
  • Then email me one marketing request along these lines👇
  • -Social media marketing prompt
  • -Advertisement or Graphic
  • -Copywriting (email blast, blog, social media)
  • -Landing Page
  • -Website Re-vamp
  • In return for the upvote I'll make something for you!
6 mo. ago

Love this!

6 mo. ago

Great idea! Looking forward to seeing some of the results!

6 mo. ago

I love your Facebook Ad tech stack where you both show you understand Facebook Ads and drive traffic for your job search at the same time. That's really smart!

4 mo. ago
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