Amit Ugle
Interested in Senior Marketing roles
Never Compete, Make the competition irrelevant!

I am a modern marketing professional passionate about end-to-end marketing funnel. I manage PPC campaigns on marketing channels like Facebook/Google/LinkedIn. I love developing organic Social Media campaigns to grow online presence of a brand.

I equally enjoy working on demand generation & lead nurturing initiatives. I take special interest in developing acquisition & on-boarding programs. I believe the Customer Journey doesn't end even after the Onboaring Welcome emails! For me, it's a forever game of nurturing clients at various touchpoints.

As I'm highly data-driven, I leverage Analytics tools like Tableau a lot to make data-driven marketing decisions. I'm highly skilled in analytics so the "Numbers Game" comes naturally to me! Having said that, I always take the LTV approach over the ROI approach to justify my dollar spend.

Finally, I believe that if business strategy is well supported by holistic modern marketing & advanced analytics, organisations can truly realize the digital transformation of their businesses.

Remote only

Work Experience

American Airlines

2 years

Microsoft Corporation

1 year

Tech Stack


Facebook Ads Manager

Google Adwords

Google Analytics



Adobe Photoshop

Personality Type


Uses data, research, and testing to answer questions and form opinions. Gets unstuck by systematically exploring possibilities. Makes sustained progress over time.

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