Andrew Felt
Interested in Entry level Customer Success & Entry level Marketing roles
I love creating digital content. I’m hungry to prove myself and gain experience in a small, growing business.

I am hungry and eager to help your small business create digital content and copy that actually converts.

With a background in psychology I bring a unique perspective to the marketing world. I find a problem and immediately seek to discover a solution! I once helped a small construction company develop a better bidding procedure which increased sales by over 30%

Eugene, OR, null

Work Experience

Founder - Altum Pursuits

3 months

Landscaper - Living Concepts Landscape Services

2 years

Human Resource Specialist - Lane Community College

3 months

I am a front desk receptionist and HR specialist for Lane Community College.
Assisting Lane's 700+ employees with a variety of HR-related issues. From benefits to payroll to recruitment, I assist the entire department with any and need that arises.


Has the Education System Failed Us

Education is a system of imposed ignorance! These are the opening word of today’s blog. Spoken by Noam Chomsky today we examine an interesting question. Has the Education System Failed Us? Author - Andrew Felt


Research Paper - False Memories

We've all forgotten things before, but did you know that we can actually remember things that never even happened! Intrigued by a study conducted on people who never saw the Challenger spaceship explosion yet later claimed to have seen it. I explore this phenomenon known as false memories in this research paper. Author - Andrew Felt


Three Signs You’re Not Thinking Critically

The ability to think critically is a lost art form. These are three ways to tell if you're not thinking critically.


What about the Students

Students are vital to thriving education. In this post I discuss just that!


The Art of The Explanation

Chances are you're explaining everything all wrong. In this post, we look five things you can do to begin teaching subjects effectively.


The Power of the Engaged Students

What would it take to create an environment where every student remained engaged at school? Is this even an attainable goal? In this week’s post we take a close look at a school in Washington D.C. and how an entire school was turned around by one conversation.


Schools and Prison

What institution is school most similar too? Did you think Prison? Because that is exactly the comparison I make in our final blog post on education. In today’s post, I examine this question: Is school prison?


Personality Type


Overcomes all obstacles that prevent the completion of a task, process, or goal. Focuses intently on the finish line.

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Hey Andrew! Love your enthusiasm in your pitch. You've got an awesome story.

7 mo. ago

Thanks for looking over my profile. If you have questions or comments let me know!

6 mo. ago

Garret Walliman

Great set of blog posts and impressive pitch! You've got a bright future ahead of you.

6 mo. ago

Thanks :)

6 mo. ago

Hey, Andrew! Your profile is great. I have a link to a job that might be up your alley.

6 mo. ago
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