Austin Taylor
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Customer Success roles
Producer, manager, and geek. I understand the things I love to the last detail.

Hi, I'm Austin! I've started podcasts, written and narrated stories, and taught myself programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop through self-directed projects. I'm the guy who loves and prospers being on a team. Every team I've ever worked within has had absolute confidence in my ability to invest myself fully in the task at hand. Now I'm ready for my next challenge in entry-level operations or customer success role! Let's talk about my drive for working with people and improving the processes that affect our customers.

Excited to relocate anywhere in United States
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Work Experience

Delivery Specialist -- Papa Johns Pizza

3 years

Security Director -- Allied Universal

6 months

Shift Lead -- Papa Johns Pizza

1 year


I created a podcast during my time with Praxis!

Austin Taylor and Sarah Blake document their journey through the second half of Praxis’s Bootcamp. Starting from module 4, we talk every week about the content we’re producing. by Austin Taylor


30 Day Writing Challenge: How I Rediscovered My Love of Writing

Thirty days ago I took on a challenge to write something of value every day for a month. I wanted to improve my capacity as a writer as well as learn to write fiction. Doing this exercise has helped me rediscover my love of writing and shown me that I can create something new and original every sing


Top Free Video Editing Software

Everyone loves YouTube. Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on the site every single day, and it’s become the main source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. If you’re like me, you’re wondering how you can get in on this wonderful and growing market.


4 Ways to Maximize Efficiency in The Workplace as a Manager

It’s Sunday morning. Church has just let out, and Whataburger is the after-church meal hot-spot in your town. You stare out in to the empty parking lot, waiting for the first cars to roll in and the drive-thru headset to go off. Are you prepared?


I narrated all of Breaking Smart in my spare time!

Breaking Smart, a collection of essays by Doctor Venkatesh Rao, is an insightful and uplifting text that promises a future where anyone and everyone can succeed. From the move away from pastoralist visions like the Jetsons to the shape that corporations across the globe will take, these essays take a deep dive into predictions of the future based on the past. I fell in love with these essays, and I wanted to make them more accessible to everyone!


I made a small project for a Printing Company I interviewed with!

I've spent a lot of my working life routing orders and bouncing between locations, and charts like these have been super handy in a lot of situations. I think being able to look at a map and intuit the best possible route somewhere is a very valuable and flexible skill to have, and can be applied near infinitely!


Personality Type


Turns ideas into concrete plans and sets them in motion. Excellent at bringing chaotic situations into organized systems.

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Hey, I'm a real person! Let's work together! Leave a comment if you have any questions or shoot me an email at

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