Hey there, I'm Bjorn Pagen

Give me a week, and I'll be an expert at anything.


I'm a blogger. I write about technology, psychology, and language learning. I taught myself three languages.

I'm a programmer. Technology must be secure and must not waste CPU cycles. I live and breathe systems programming, and know Linux system architecture down to an art.

I'm a problem solver. It doesn't matter if I'm wrangling cybersecurity challenges, complex math problems, or the emotional well-being of my friends.

I'm a polymath. My best skill is my curiosity in new things, and my ability to learn them fast.

Personality Type
Thinks and communicates in a narrative style and has the ability to captivate an audience. Has a way of getting others to see themselves as heroes.
Willing to relocate anywhere


Contributor - Exherbo Linux
6 months
Overhauled supported compilers and base OS libraries for Exherbo Linux. Necessary skills included bash, C++, and knowledge of Linux system internals.
Librarian - Chappaqua Library
2 years
Took stock, shelved books, fixed computers, helped patrons use library computers and applications, and ran board game events for children.
Director - Local Vegetation Hydration
2 years
Oversaw distribution of aqueous resource to vascular vegetation for Westchester Property Management.
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