Hey LingQ,
I'm Bjorn Pagen.

I love LingQ! It's the only app I can use because only LingQ takes the Input Hypothesis seriously. I'll help new users understand and feel how important LingQ is in language aquisition!

LingQ Pitch | Bjorn Pagen

I wrote a onboarding video script for new users, and I devise strategies to improve LingQ user experience. I also discuss the LingQ App and security issues.


Having been Bjorn's AP Spanish teacher since September, I have found him to be very interested and curious about language learning. We had many fascinating conversations about similarities and differences between English, Spanish and Shanghainese during the course of the year. It's always a pleasure discussing things with him because I find him very charismatic and engaging. I believe he will be a natural fit in your program.

Jim Sarris
High School Spanish Teacher/Entrepeneur

Shoot me an email at {firstname}{lastname}@posteo.net!