Hi There, I'm BreAuna Crabb

SaaS Superstar for hire, trained in Science-Based Sales®

Born and raised mid-western girl and 5x Uno Champ who has lived in 6 different states in 26 years, but calls Iowa home, and before you ask ... yes, I have worked in a cornfield!

At the beginning of my career journey, I've gone from a crew worker at a pizza shop, to being the general manager running the pizza shop. From building pumps and motors to delivering food in various big cities. My experiences have taught me how to be goal-oriented, adapt to change, and also how to identify what a person needs. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that I'm passionate about helping others and giving people an exceptional customer experience.

In this new year, I am applying my previous skills in my new venture as a SaaS sales professional! I've teamed up with the amazing mentors at preHIRED's Science-Based Sales® training program. PreHIRED introduced me to dozens of programs and technologies that are helpful in the tech & software sales space. I look forward to contributing these new skills such as identifying ideal prospects, writing effective and compelling emails, overcoming objections, & using lead generation and lead automation tools in order to help drive sales with a growing sales team. Over the next 2-3 years, I would love to see myself in a management role at a groundbreaking tech company, after earning my place through my results on the sales floor. What else excites me? Besides binge-watching true crime documentaries on Netflix, I enjoying staying fit and being outside whether it’s biking, hiking, or walking my dogs but you’ll never catch me running!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
3 months

From my preHIRED mentors, I learned sales methodologies, tools, skills, and workflows to be at the top 5% of sales performers.

• Researched & replicated sales systems from preHIRED's Science-Based Sales® methodology. • Prospected- to generate high quantity & quality of sales leads. • Qualified - to ensure alignment between buyer and seller. • Discovered - to dive deep into goals, challenges, and solutions. • Advised- to uncover value/insight, create urgency, remove barriers, and close deals if there is a mutual fit between the buyer and seller. • Science-Based Sales® messaging for calls, meetings/demo calls, social media, and emails. • Trained on many of the top CRMs, lead generation, sales automation, and productivity tools: Outreach, Interseller, Hubspot, Seamless.io, Hunter, & many more!

9 months

In my spare time I am a part time delivery driver for Postmates 3rd party delivery service.

• I pick up orders from restaurants and ensure their orders are correct. • I deliver orders to my customers in a timely fashion. • I always give the very best customer service. • I follow all necessary COVID safety and sanitary precautions.

3 years

Danfoss is an agricultural manufacturing facility where I worked as a Production and Operations Technician.

• Assembled and air leak/oil leak tested various different pumps and motors for different agricultural machinery. • Pay attention to detail while efficiently following a step by step process in a timely manner to meet daily goals. • Safely operated power tools to assemble units and operate lifting hoists to hook up and clamp down 30-80lb pumps and motors into various different test stands. • Responsible for ensuring every unit has passed a serious of tests to insure the units are operating correctly before shipping them out to customer facilities. • Gained experience working in 8 different departments within the Danfoss facility during the two to three years of my employment there, on my own, as well as with a team of others.

Papa Murphy's
5-9 years

In 2012 I began my career at Papa Murphy's as a crew worker making take and bake pizzas, helping customers and assisting with mild food prep until I was promoted to management only months later. I worked as an assistant manager at the same store for about four years before eventually taking over as the General Manager for the last two years of my employment before moving on to a new field of work. I was in charge of running all aspects of the store under no supervision.

• Successfully implemented new policies and procedures to improve team efficiency • Maintained staffing levels • Managed and trained new hires • Prepared payroll • Planned and coordinated events • Monitored and maintained budgets • Managed a team of 10+ employees