Hey there, I'm Bryce Ward

Small-business starter constantly improving his ability to delight customers and create excellent experiences


I’m Bryce and I am an improver! I founded my first business at age 16 in the yard care industry. To this day, I still receive calls from clients! I’ve written for thirty days in a row, produced a podcast in one week, and completed an Eagle Scout Project. I take my obsession with improving to both my personal skill development and to whatever task is thrown in my hands. I’m here to obsess over and improve any current standing processes in your company until we get the desired results. Let’s talk about customer success, marketing, and sales roles!

Personality Type
Uses data, research, and testing to answer questions and form opinions. Gets unstuck by systematically exploring possibilities. Makes sustained progress over time.
Willing to relocate anywhere in United States, or remote


Sales Associate - Blue Max Meats
6 months
Owner - Yardboys
2 years
Associate - JCPenny
3 months


What I learned Starting My First Business

For many young teens in school finding a job early on can be near impossible. However, some teens still manage to find ways to make a small income for themselves. For me, that was starting my first…

How I Made Myself Indispensable

This past December I started working at JCPenny as a Seasonal Warehouse Temp. I worked with a new crew of around ten people, and out of those ten, I was the only one who is still employed at JCPenn…

Copywriting That Is Absurd But Works

Every company has a copywriting formula to sell their products or services to consumers. Today I will be taking a look at the landing page of Cards Against Humanity

How I produced a podcast in one week

I created a short podcast series for The Athletic in just one week.

My Eagle Scout Project: Cleaning Up and Repurposing Ruined Stables

In the Boy Scouts, the highest rank that a Scout can achieve is Eagle. Only 4% overcome the challenges and become an Eagle Scout.

I wrote and published content for 30 days in a row

At the start of this month, I took on a 30 Day Challenge to write a blog post every, day. After 30 days I have not missed a single day of writing.

How Do Videos Get Found On YouTube?

For every creator out there getting started on YouTube, it can be tough. Getting your videos in front of the right viewers should not be a mystery.

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