Caedyn Wheeler
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Customer Success roles
I'm an open-minded young professional with a love of business, economics, philosophy, and philanthropy. I'm ready to dive in and do whatever it takes to help you provide a great experience to your customers!

Hi! I'm Caedyn. I built a donation tracking system from scratch in less than a month and blogged every day for 30 days.

If part of your team I will:

  • Be a reliable member of your CS or ops team
  • Go above and beyond to help customers solve problems
  • Adapt to your company's expectations
  • Quickly learn new skills and software tools
  • Produce efficient and completed work no matter the task

I'm excited to help companies I care about in any way I can. If this sounds like something you could use, we should talk!

Excited to relocate anywhere in the world
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Work Experience

Resource Room Volunteer at Westside Cares

1 year

At the first level of my volunteering position, I worked in the resource room, taking donations given to Westside Cares, checking the quality of the items, and organizing them appropriately. This was the “things” aspect of the job.

The next level, and the part I loved, was serving the neighbors that came in. I would act as their personal shopper, with their request or voucher to help them find what they needed.

The volunteering aspect made it so we were met on a level playing field, and allowed for authentic human connection that can often get overlooked at other jobs. Here, the intentions of all parties involved were transparent, and I learned greatly about people’s capacity for compassion.

Waitress at Oka Ramen

6 months

I got my first job interview by interacting with mutual connections on Facebook. I was hired on the spot as a food runner, taking the food from the kitchen and running it to the appropriate table.

When the restaurant began to get busier I started taking orders, and within two weeks of hiring, I was promoted to a waitress. I discovered that I was very good at interacting with customers.

As well as the waitressing duties of delivering food to tables, cash handling, and talking with customers, I would also reorganize miscellaneous things like cups, sauces, notebooks, etc to help maximize the overall efficiency of the inner workings of the business.

Assembler at Tide Cleaners

3 months

My second job I also got through Facebook networking. I have entered my first full-time job at a fast-paced, deadline-driven company.

The main portion of my job is preparing clothes with tissue paper, clips, etc. and checking the overall quality to then push them out to the customer on time. This requires time management, to make sure the quota is met, as well as attention to detail to have a satisfied customer.

As an integral part of my main responsibilities, I had to learn two new pieces of technology on the job. Spot and the clothes holding and bagging machine, Giulietta. With technology like this, troubleshooting several times a day is a necessity, and I learn every day how to deal with new problems thrown my way.

Tech Stack

Google Calendar


Google Drive




Google Slides





Personality Type


Carefully considers and crafts the things they work on. Sweats the details even if no one else sees them. Precise, and takes pride in their work.

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