Hey there, I'm Chuck Grimmett

Maker of internet things


I'm on the WordPress.com Special Projects Team at Automattic.

Before that, I helped build Crash (this platform!)

I write some code, push some pixels, market some content, track some stats, and prioritize some issues over others. Outside of work I kayak, work with wood, and blog about food and drink at cooklikechuck.com.

Turns ideas into concrete plans and sets them in motion. Excellent at bringing chaotic situations into organized systems.
New York, NY, or remote
Technical Account Engineer - Automattic
3 months

I empower people who are doing cool things, one website at a time.

Product Manager - Crash
3 years

I did a little bit of everything at Crash: Design, strategy, engineering, customer service, and marketing.

Technical Project Manager - eResources
3 years

I spent half of my time architecting and managing software development projects and half of my time doing full-stack web development.

Director of Web Media - FEE
2 years

I relaunched FEE's web presence, managed their social media accounts, and administered the in-house tech stack.

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