The Crash Guide

How to Start Your Marketing Career This Year With No Experience

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The Crash Guide

How to get hired this year with no experience

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The Crash Guide

How to start your


career this year with no experience

Download this guide as a PDF! 👇
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At the ripe young age of 21, I graduated from college without a job or a clue.

All my life up to that point, I’d been assured going to college was the de facto path to the good life. But no one bothered to mention getting a good job was not guaranteed.

In fact, my experience proved quite the contrary. As a guy who’d grown up chasing prestige, the thought of taking a low-wage job—as a fresh college graduate—just to make ends meet embarrassed me.

So, I did what any sensible prestige-seeking recent college graduate might do. I signed up to take the LSAT and took the first prestigious-sounding white-collar job I could find: working in financial services.

The half-decade following that first job right out of college offered me a full serving of humble pie with a heaping side of insights about  what it takes to get hired and find career fulfillment.

In many ways, this guide is a collection of advice, tips, and lessons I learned the hard way. And I’m sharing all here in once place, along with a number of other resources I found useful along the way. I hope they can serve you well in your pursuit of a legendary career.

How to get hired this year with no experience (an ultimate guide)

      1. What it takes to get hired
      2. The 3 components of a successful job hunt
             a. Attention
             b. Value
             c. Process
      3. How to find jobs that fit you
      4. Job hunting due dilligence
      5. Crafting your approach
      6. Sending your pitch
      7. The follow through
8. Winning the interview
      9. Negotiation
      10. Accepting the offer
      11. Starting strong
      12. Additional early-career resources

What it takes to get hired in 2020

There’s a lot of career advice out there.

Most of it sucks.

It’s littered with advice like “update your resume,” “personalize your cover letter,” and “don’t post beer pictures online.”

But all of that kind of advice falls short because it overlooks a more fundamentally important element of getting hired: anyone can say they’re worth hiring.

It today’s world, only two factors mactor when it comes to winning opportunities:

      1. Your ability to create value
      2. Your ability to convince others you can create value

That’s it.

Employers today are bombarded with applications—did you know the average job posting receives 250 applications? Not only is volume an issue, but most candidates apply through the normal channels with similar-looking applications.

In a stack of 250 resumes, it can be hard to stand out.

Which is exactly why we’ve created this guide.

In today’s world of connectivity, the normal channels and boring old applications just aren’t enough. You have a wealth of resources at your fingertips just waiting to be leveraged.

And if you’re really serious not just about getting hired, but launching an awesome career, then you came to the right place.

Throughout the rest of this ultimate guide, we’ll outline exactly what it takes to get hired in 2020, we’ll walk you through how to identify and vet opportunities, and we’ll share countless templates you can use to pitch yourself to hiring managers to stand out.

We’re glad you found your way here. And if you’re ready to launch your career, sign up for free.

[this guide is in progress]
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