Chloe Roloson
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Design roles
As someone who has started my own media company, I know what it takes to succeed in operations. I'm ready to bring that to your team.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I put it to the test by creating and launching a media brand. As a result, I have extensive experience working with artists and creators, scheduling, building sets, designing, editing, and operating on digital platforms. I have experience managing teams, and working with people from diverse backgrounds. Many of my previous roles have demonstrated my ability to work well in stressful environments in customer facing roles, as well as behind the scenes.

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Work Experience

Founder - Clam Chowder

6 months

I started a media company called Clam Chowder. We interview diverse artists on their experiences and art forms, host a podcast, and host workshops related to diverse art forms. After only 4 months we achieved approximately 1,500 views, 3,500 minutes of watch time, and made approximately 10,000 impressions on YouTube alone.

Lifeguard - Lincoln Military Housing

3 months

While working in this position I was responsible for the facility, patrons, and safety. During my first month post-training, I was awarded employee of the month. I was given this as recognition of my hard work and dedication to my facility and patrons.

Facility: I was responsible for opening and closing my location every morning and evening. I was responsible for maintaining clean facilities, and monitoring pool chemical. I checked stock, and reported any incidents. Whenever I was on shift it was my responsibility to monitor and care for my facility.

Patrons: Each day I was responsible for interacting with patrons while maintaining watch on the facility. I ensured satisfaction with the location, and enforced company policy. I was responsible for handling complaints, and ensuring satisfaction for all patrons.

Safety: While working in this position, I was responsible for maintaining a safe environment, and enforcing company policies. I maintained watch on my location in order to provide a safe and monitored space for patrons to enjoy. I was responsible for implementing emergency action plans, handling incident reports, providing CPR and first-aid, as well as ensuring a positive environment.

Lifeguard/Instructor - BSA

3 months

While I worked in this position, I was responsible for the location, the patrons, and the program.

Location: While on duty it was my responsibility to maintain the facility. I was responsible for cleaning three pool locations on the camp site, and one lakefront location. I was also tasked with maintaining the proper chemical levels in each of the pools. I was responsible for opening the pool in the morning, and closing the pool in the evening.

Patrons: While on duty I was responsible for the safety of the individuals using our facilities. I ensured safety by being observant, and watching the area I was in charge of. I often interacted with patrons on a personal level. I was responsible for making people feel safe and comfortable while they were using our facilities.

Program: While working here I was responsible for running multiple programs at our locations. There were three main programs: swim class, lifesaving class, and free swim. During swim class I was responsible for teaching scouts swim technique in order for them to receive their swim badge. I taught four different strokes, and tested the scouts on their swimming abilities. During lifesaving class, I was responsible for teaching scouts water safety and rescue. I taught basic first-aid skills, water rescue maneuvers, and emergency action plans. Finally, during free swim I was responsible for ensuring a safe environment for scouts as they were allowed free time in the pool.

Barista - Starbucks

3 months

While working in this position I had many responsibilities. I would have to rotate positions throughout my shift. I most frequently worked customer support, point of sale, and bar.

Customer Support: When working on customer support my job was to maintain stock, clean, interact with customers, and make sure everyone on shift had everything they need.

Point of Sale: When I worked POS my job was to give recommendations, interact with customers, and sell our products.

Bar: When I worked on bar my job was to ensure that customers received the highest quality possible. If someone was unsatisfied with their drink, it was my responsibility to fix it.


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Awesome to see you on Crash, Chloe! Nice work building out a really-creative profile. What makes you most excited about joining an operations team?

5 mo. ago

Thank you! I love improving and optimizing the processes involved in a company. I fell in love with the challenge of managing content and working with people, while I have been running the media brand I launched. Thanks for asking!

5 mo. ago

Love it. Can't wait to see you crush this.

5 mo. ago
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