Cody Chipman
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Customer Success roles

I am a writer and a runner. I write to cultivate within myself a habit of reflection, thoughtfulness, and mindfulness. I run to cultivate within myself a sense of discipline, endurance, and competitiveness. If I am not advancing I am dying, and I hope to help those around me to advance and have a fulfilled existence as well. Let's grow farther together.

Work Experience

Property Manager - Timothy Chipman and Sons

1 year

Power Banker - Quicken Loans

1 year

Development Associate - Young Americans for Liberty

1 year


I Called Police for Help and They Stole My Car: My Brush with Civil Asset Forfeiture | Cody Chipman

I recently had my own experience with civil asset forfeiture after a call for help put me into the gears of a policing system geared more toward profit than justice.

Entrepreneurs Revolutionize the Designer Sneaker Market—By Selling Shoes Like Stocks | Cody Chipman

Enter Josh Luber and StockX. Josh Luber was a sneakerhead who saw a solution in the stock market. He decided to commoditize sneakers and create “a stock market of things” with the help of Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert.

What Is the ROI?: The Question That Will Change Your Life | Cody Chipman

I used to be an impulse buyer with almost everything. I almost never asked what real value any item actually had. I didn’t view these things as assets or investments, and I was wrong.

Ivory Handcuffs: How College Stalled My Life

For the past four years, I felt as if I’ve done almost nothing. I hit a wall. No — -I jumped on a treadmill when I got to college. on completing artificial tasks, even though I was racking up miles…

You’re Worthless! But that’s good!

You are absolutely worthless to the world. Your mother could have aborted you with a coat hanger before your conscious mind conceived of its existence. You could have drowned the first time you swam…

Finding Joy in Tragedy: Reclaiming Notre Dame in Its Death

Millions cried across the globe Monday as an 800 year old church, a symbol of human achievement, art, and thought was wiped out in mere…

Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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