Connor Maloney
Interested in Entry level Sales & Entry level Marketing roles
I am a fast learner who wants to use my personality and strong work ethic to further your business.

Growing up in a sales-oriented household, I've learned that a great work ethic, coupled with a good personality, and simply being able to ask for the business is a recipe for success.

A majority of my roles in the past have sharpened my ability to adapt to any situation thrown at me. They've helped me create the communication, problem-solving, and relationship-building skills necessary to be successful in sales.

I'm seeking an opportunity with your sales team to be able to showcase these skills and help further promote your business. I'm confident that I'll succeed for both of us, and I can't wait to get started.

Excited to relocate anywhere in the world
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Work Experience

Sacristan - Gate of Heaven Church

2 years

•Managed the operations of the services (masses, funerals, weddings, etc) •Unlocked church doors •Prepped and set up all needs for the mass •Trained and managed sacristan staff throughout the mass •Addressed any and all needs and situations throughout the service •Responsible for handling the money and putting it in the safe •Disassemble all parts of the mass •Lock doors

Personality Type


Takes apart problems and finds ways to make things work. Great at finding solutions others miss. Understands the parts and can build a better whole.

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Excited for your job hunt! Love the profile. Not everyone grows up in a sales-oriented household, so that's pretty cool. ;-)

4 mo. ago
The best hires are
making Crash profiles.

Resumes are boring. Show your stuff.

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