Connor Maloney
Interested in Entry level Sales & Entry level Marketing roles
I am a fast learner who wants to use my personality and strong work ethic to further your business.

A majority of my roles in the past have sharpened my ability to adapt to any situation thrown at me, and I want to prove that by working for you.

Growing up in a sales-oriented household, I can guarantee that the skill of sales is in my blood.

Let me prove to you that I'm beyond a qualified candidate for your sales or marketing job.

I cant wait to get in touch!

Excited to relocate anywhere in the world
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Work Experience

Sacristan - Gate of Heaven Church

2 years
Personality Type


Takes apart problems and finds ways to make things work. Great at finding solutions others miss. Understands the parts and can build a better whole.

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Excited for your job hunt! Love the profile. Not everyone grows up in a sales-oriented household, so that's pretty cool. ;-)

20 day ago
The best hires are
making Crash profiles.

Resumes are boring. Show your stuff.

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