Ljupco Stojanovski
Career Crashers: Building a Career in Software Sal...

Ljupco Stojanovski Jr. is an account executive at Xplenty, co-host of The Deliberate Dropout Podcast, and a college dropout.

Cameron Sorsby
Career Crashers: What Stops People From Creating G...

Cameron Sorsby is the CEO of Praxis, where he's worked to help hundreds of people launch careers through apprenticeships at exciting and growing businesses around the US.

Harman Dayal
Career Crasher: Breaking into Sports Journalism Be...

This week on Career Crashers, Harman Dayal of The Athletic joins the show to talk about how he broke into a career in sports journalism while still in his teens.

Mitko Karshovski
Career Crashers: Jumpstarting Your Career After Dr...

This week on Career Crashers, Mitko Karshovski joins the show to talk about his story of breaking into a career in marketing and how the explosion of remote work in 2020 should change the way we think about jobs.

Peter Thiel
How NOT to Be a Mercenary

"What truth do you know that very few people agree with you on?" This is the question that legendary entrepreneur and VC investor Peter Thiel likes to ask startup entrepreneurs who are looking for an investment from him. For Peter,

John Kratz
Career Crashers: Tell Your Story (Not Your Status)

"I think the biggest mistake I see students make when they're doing any kind of interview is that they think it's about demonstrating their competency, when in reality, what they want to reveal is their character."

Sarry Ibrahim
Career Crashers: From Wealth Building to Job Hunti...

Sarry's business is helping high-net-worth individuals grow and protect their wealth.

Pitch Your Dream Job with a Website

In less than a week, I built a website that mirrored theirs and used it as a pitch for the job.

Charlie Hoehn
Career Crash: Do Free Work on Your Own Terms with ...

"Use free work, not just to get your foot in the door, but to kick the door down!"

Jackson Sullivan
Career Crashers: The Ripple Effects of Pitching wi...

At age 17 Jackson opted out of the traditional education path and joined the Praxis Bootcamp. He learned the basics of value creation on the job and created a video editing business that allowed him to work and travel the