Choosing the wrong career

Ever taken a multiple choice test where you were none of the answers you were allowed to choose from seemed correct? And so you wished you were allowed to write down your own answer, because it would be way better? Careers are exactly like that.

Your hero’s journey starts here

Hiring manager: “Congratulations, you’re hired. Starting pay is 30k, but it can go up to 90k later.” Me: “Alright, then I’ll come back later.” Lame joke, you say? Sure, you can call it lame. You’re free to do so. Before you do though, make sure you’re not behaving the exact same way in your own career.

What 2022 will mean for you

Happy 2022! We're finally in the New Year, and I’m curious to hear from you: how are you feeling about it? I find that people generally fall into one of these two camps...

Your Spirit of Christmas Present

Merry Christmas! If you’re like most people, you go well out of your way to make sure you and your entire home embody that spirit of light, warmth, peace, and generosity that characterizes this most wonderful time of the year. And right you are to do so. Because if you’re any older than twelve, you likely understand that Christmas is not just about receiving; getting gifts and consuming food; but about giving and sharing.

Most Job Hunters Make This Mistake

I have a distant family member who is absolutely brilliant. Reads everything there is to read. Possesses encyclopedic knowledge on pretty much any subject. Every now and then, he develops a random interest in something, and then keeps reading about it until he thoroughly understands it in its entirety. And then? Nothing.

The One Thing You Lack – What You Choose Not To Have.

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, chances are you feel like you’re lacking something. Something that’s preventing you from getting hired. It’s not true. Lesser people than you have gotten hired at better jobs than the one you’re shooting for. If there is one thing you lack, it’s nothing tangible. It’s something you choose not to have.

One Of These Is Not Like The Others

“Stop comparing yourself to others!” Chances are somebody has given you this advice at some point in your life. But how are you supposed to stop comparing yourself to others when you’re on the job hunt? Isn’t that exactly what all these companies are doing? Comparing you to the other applicants to see who’s the best?

The First Rule Of Fight Club

One of the biggest problems in the world today is that so many people feel dead inside. They feel like life is happening to them, they're stuck in a job they hate, trying to please people they don’t like, and there's not much they can do about it. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not true.

How Not To Be A Chimpanzee – Find Your Tribe

Tribe? Are we going to lecture you about the world being too individualistic, and that selfish you should do what's best for the group, for a change? Not at all. We want you to be an individual in control of your own destiny. But that doesn’t mean that you always have to do everything alone!