This week, our team made momentum by continually shipping updates to our video pitch tool and dashboard, doing outreach with companies and potential partners, creating new content, and more.

Here are the details.

The Crash Report

  • Had some strategy discussions and brainstormed the best ways to add jobs to the Crash dashboard
  • Worked on lots of dashboard improvements
  • Published several features on the best startups to launch your career this year—check them out here!
  • Created episodes for an upcoming video series
  • Curated job opportunities for our users
  • Recorded several podcast episodes
  • Planned for our next focus: jobs on platform!
  • Had a handful of business and partner calls—and did outreach with more potential partners, job-seekers, and career pros
  • Wrote and edited content for our blog, newsletter, social media, and more
  • Wrote new email sequences to engage our leads
  • Shipped some updates to our help center
  • Talked with lots of people on social media
  • Landed new pitch research
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Cleaned up some of our code
  • Made videos optional on pitch intros
  • Did work on a tech stack section for video pitches
  • Created a partnership offer
  • Did outreach to the startups we’re featuring to learn about their open opportunities
  • Dropped value in career and job subreddits
  • Dug into conversation stats
  • Updated Discover calls to action
  • Did some dashboard and profile editor testing
  • Talked with our users and helped solve any challenges in Intercom

Until later, folks!

Check out these awesome startups—they’re some of the coolest places to launch your career this year (even without experience).

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