This week, we strived to build momentum in everything we did.

Here’s a breakdown of our team’s work this week.

Chuck, our product manager, spent time this week…

  • Adding a bunch of new data that our app sends over to Intercom when users make updates to their profile and pitches on the platform. This will allow us to further customize email communications
  • Building pages to display the jobs we are rolling out on the platform that users can pitch
  • Meeting with a few team members to hammer out coordination between marketing and engineering on aforementioned jobs on the platform
  • QA testing new features before they shipped to production
  • Talking with two partners about new features we’ve rolled out
  • Adding a custom Slack notification for a partner that pings the partner in Slack when one of their users publishes a pitch or profile
  • Brainstorming solutions to a pitch template copying issue with the engineering team
  • Adding a new partner
  • Debugging Google Ads conversion issues

Jérémy, our marketing director, worked on:

  • Writing a new career guide on building awesome resumes
  • Starting outreach to potential hiring partners to pilot the employer side of Crash’s talent marketplace
  • Building email reengagement flows to encourage Discover takers to create accounts and start pitching companies
  • Talking with an exciting potential partner about finding ways to support their millions of users on their job hunt
  • Getting quotes from career coach influencers to share content and help more job seekers discover the light of startups and pitching
  • Promoting content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Notion Pros community
  • Meeting with Crashers to talk about pitching opportunities

Morgan, our editor, spent time this week…

  • Creating and updating pages in Webflow (including the new career guide on building a great digital resume)
  • Writing, editing, and publishing content for our blog
  • Helping Corné get started in Webflow
  • Creating and publishing new email sequences for anyone who’s downloaded our ultimate guide to starting your career in marketing
  • Sending out the week’s newsletter

Dave, our head of engineering, focused on:

  • Shipping dashboard improvements (i.e. the new help panel, as well as quote-of-the-day [it’s awesome])
  • Planning out jobs-on-platform and doing some early implementation work
  • Shipping pitch templates!

Ilya, our senior developer, spent time…

  • Landing jobs on the new dashboard
  • Working on a new landing page for open job opportunities at startups
  • Cleaning up code for ease of upgrading in the future
  • Adding logos to pitch cards
  • Adding “exit to dashboard” navigation to the video pitch editor
  • Fixing search styles
  • Adding a pitch embed format
  • Fixing a reorder bug in the pitch editor
  • Shipping the tech stack section and commentary videos to video pitches!

Corné, our technical apprentice, worked on:

  • Setting up a new partnership
  • Creating videos for a job-hunting series
  • Hosting a “How to pitch” workshop for Praxis, one of our awesome partners
  • Reaching out to startups
  • Sourcing job opportunities for Crashers
  • Helping users create better pitches
  • Engaging with people on social media
  • Creating content
  • Building a new landing page in Webflow for educational institutions

Isaac, our CEO, went offline this week to work on healing his immune system. He’s done a great job of setting the vision and encouraging us to build momentum—but we missed having him around this week. We’re looking forward to his return soon!

That’s all for now, folks.

The engineering team has been shipping some incredible updates to Crash. If you haven’t checked them out yet, don’t hesitate! Build a video pitch for your favorite company (or send it to one of the jobs on your dashboard)!

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