This week, our team shipped some platform updates—with a focus on helping Crashers find awesome job opportunities, worked on our strategy, and continued to ship content daily.

Here’s a closer look.

A few platform updates

  • You can now filter job opportunities on-dashboard (look for the filtering toggle on the right side)
  • Added job openings to Discover results—after taking the quiz, you can pitch matching roles instantly!
  • Created public access to the job opportunities we’ve been sharing with a new jobs page
  • Shipped some improvements to video pitch templates

Our team also spent time this week…

  • Sourcing new job opportunities for Crashers
  • Having strategy and brainstorming calls
  • Building a new landing page for education partners
  • Creating and publishing content for our blog, social media, and Dave also wrote an edition of the Inner Game of Startups newsletter
  • Planning our second launch on Product Hunt
  • Solving some issues for users and helping a Crasher update some projects
  • Making internal changes to our codebase for future updates
  • Adding quotes-of-the-day to our backlog and fixing an issue where the quotes weren’t showing properly on the dashboard
  • Following up on partner outreach
  • Creating a new video for a series on how to find and win an awesome job
  • Talking with job-seekers, college grads, and many more people to better learn from active job seekers’ habits and mindset, and to begin manual user acquisition
  • Increasing our communicating with our awesome current users
  • Designing a few new product mockups to think through how we can implement game thinking principles into our product
  • Reaching out to hiring managers to gain some good insight on how to make their jaws drop when they see video pitches, with the goal of being able to create a 10x better solution for our users
  • Digging into our analytics to see how current experiments are going
  • Starting work on a pitch archive feature
  • Brainstorming a UI update for videos
  • Updating the navbar
  • Documenting and sharing knowledge of social media with the marketing team so more of the team can get Crash out into the world
  • Having an insightful user research session with a new user
  • Adjusting our Google ads to target our audience better

Until later, folks.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ve been shipping lots of updates to our pitch editor lately—and it’s pretty awesome. Why not take it for a spin—create a video pitch for your favorite company!

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