This week, we continued building momentum by shipping several video pitch and dashboard updates (like stats on the dashboard and the ability to email your pitch right on the platform!) and by finding new Crashers.

Here’s a closer look at our team’s work this week.

Some cool new product updates

  • Sending your pitches to hiring managers got way easier—you can now email your video pitches right from Crash
  • You can now see your pitch stats right on your dashboard!
  • You’ve now got the ability to manually edit your portfolio project on your video pitch
  • Your dashboard will show you more relevant jobs based on the roles you’re interested in!
  • Video recording time is increased to 1:30

This week, our team…

  • Sourced jobs for Crashers
  • Wrote, edited, and published content
  • Squashed bugs
  • Fixed the mobile styling on the Crash dashboard and made some Safari styling fixes
  • Isaac had a handful of investor calls (and got caught up on hundreds of emails, Voxes, and uncountable Slack messages)
  • Talked with hiring managers, users, and partners
  • Found, reached out to, and onboarded new users
  • Recorded some podcast interviews
  • Continued refining our definition of our ideal early user
  • Worked on updating our sign-up flow
  • Fix the social sharing description for video pitches
  • Wrote and updated several of our email flows
  • Created a new video for an upcoming series on finding and winning a great job
  • Reviewed profiles for Crashers
  • Ran social media (Corné is crushing this)
  • Reworked our positioning and started split testing messaging on the homepage

Until later, folks.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ll be back soon with more inside looks at what it’s like working at a startup. In the meantime, check out this growing collection of the best startups to launch your career this year—there are some pretty cool companies hiring right now, and our team shares ways to stand out to them.

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