The Crash Report: 03.27.2020

Updates from the Crash team on the work we did this week to help job seekers discover and do what makes them come alive.

Today, our team is both sad and excited: Chuck Grimmett, our product manager, is leaving the Crash team to pursue an exciting opportunity.

I remember one of the first times I had a call with Chuck. He was showing me how to use Metabase to pull data (one of many things he is extremely knowledgable about), but he ended the call by giving me a personalized book recommendation.

Chuck is a man of few words, so in his honor, I won’t write a lot. But I do want to thank him for inspiring our entire team to work out loud, to remain steadfast through harder days, to work hard at what we do in order to become a master.

In the year we worked together, Chuck has taught me all I know about SQL, updated countless graphics on our blog, given me math lessons, shared words of encouragement, showed me different ways to mix drinks and make food, helped me better manage my task list, and much more. He even once showed me the difference between normal kayak paddles and the paddles he carved (for the kayak he built):

We’ll miss you, Chuck. We’re really excited about your newest adventure. You’ve made an impact on our team, and we’re grateful for everything you’ve built and inspired at Crash.

Keep doing (and building, and cooking, and writing, and carving) great things.

To keep building momentum, this week, our team:

  • Recorded new podcast episodes
  • Sourced new jobs for Crashers
  • Isaac held user and hiring manager interviews
  • Started work on a new product video
  • Worked on migrating our code to React
  • Fixed a few bugs with internal tools, squashed a few bugs in our code, and fixed a bug with pitch unpublishing
  • Reached out to job-seekers to build user acquisition and engagement
  • Wrote, edited, scheduled, and published content for the blog and social media
  • Created covers for upcoming ultimate guides
  • Added new tech stacks
  • Internal training and handoffs—Chuck trained Corné on metrics and stats, and Morgan walked the marketing team through Webflow and ConvertFlow
  • Documented some of our work for internal use
  • Finished a couple of email flows for our career guides

Some cool new product updates

  • The video recording flow is now revamped
  • You can write notes when recording a video, and they’ll be saved in your browser
  • You can add a testimonial section to your pitch!
  • There are new placeholders for your tech stack (definitely try adding some relevant tools to your next pitch!)

That’s all for now, folks.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ll be back next week with more updates. If you’re not getting our weekly newsletter (we share counter-cultural career advice, updates, and more), sign up below!