This week, we heard some amazing stories from both Crashers and hiring managers this week about how Crash has helped them win their job hunt and hire awesome people.

Here are just a couple of my favorite.

So cool.

A few cool product updates this week

  • Added URLs to tech stack items in a pitch—so you can now show proof of your skills to companies right away
  • You can now re-record an elevator pitch video if one is still in progress
  • As of recently, you can send a pitch directly to a hiring manager right from Crash! This week, Ilya added a “Send it myself” link—so you can also email the pitch from your own email client—and tweaked the to and from fields

This week, our team…

  • Launched Crash Video Pitches on Product Hunt—and heard some incredible user stories
  • Continued migrating our code to React
  • Held conversations around product feedback and process—and created a product feedback methodology
  • Wrote copy, blog articles, social media posts, and more
  • Researched, engaged with, and found awesome new users
  • Recorded some podcast interviews and had some calls
  • Sourced new jobs for Crashers
  • Collected UX/UI learnings
  • Worked on creating new resources for Crashers
  • Updated our weekly stats and metrics
  • Debugged and fixed flaky videos and fixed invalid partners when signing up
  • Invited new users to our Crasher Slack community
  • Had a valuable strategy consultation with marketing strategist

I’m also excited to share this new video about our video pitches—check it out, and if you know someone on the job hunt, it’s a good one to share! 😉

Until next week!

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