Today is a bit weird, really sad, and really exciting: it is both mine and Ilya’s last day on the Crash team.

Ilya’s heading to AppGeo to lead product development, and I’m going full-time on my side projects. We both joined Crash a little over a year ago, and boy, I’d never have guessed how much I’d be able to learn and do while working at a startup. I got hired with no experience—and I’m grateful to have been able to learn so much about how a startup works in only thirteen months.

I’m so thankful Isaac decided to let me join the team—it’s been an honor to learn from him and from the rest of the team as we’ve built something that helps people discover and do what makes them come alive. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and letting me grow alongside you, Crash team.

So as hard it is, it’s also incredibly good. And I can’t wait to see what happens next. I can honestly say Crash helps people launch their careers—working here for the last year has launched my own career. I wouldn’t be able to take this next step without it.

Thanks, Crash. I’ll miss you.

This week, our team…

  • Planned new pitch editor improvements—and worked on a UI/UX redesign
  • Continued migrating our code to React
  • Created a guide about discovering your professional personality and how it helps you know where to start your career
  • Isaac did a monthly update for our investors and had several Zoom calls with VCs and other founders
  • Sourced new jobs for Crashers
  • Outreached to and onboarded new users—and got to have several one-on-ones with them
  • Wrote, edited, and published content on our blog, newsletter, and social media
  • Worked through the process of tracking user feedback
  • Held strategy discussions
  • Fixed some video bugs
  • Documented work
  • Recorded new podcast episodes
  • Made a few design tweaks in Webflow
  • Created a new landing page for startups
  • Talked with potential ed partners

Some cool product updates this week:

  • Added the ability to make notes for your pitches
  • Made some UI updates to the pitches
  • You can now promote your video pitches on your Crash profile!
  • Added the ability to request a pitch from a Crasher’s profile
  • Added pitch status filters—check them out below!

That’s all for now, folks.

The Crash team will be taking a break from Crash Reports as they go heads-down on finding users and helping them win opportunities that make them come alive. But they’ll still be creating incredible, counter-cultural career content—so sign up for Crash’s newsletter below, or follow Crash on social media to stay updated.

Thanks for reading these Crash Reports. And keep pursuing what you love.

Until next time,

Morgan and the Crash team

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