3 Big Changes in Hiring (and why they are good for you)

Staring at resumes doesn't convey enough.

Here are 3 big changes and trends in the job landscape and why they present new opportunities for you.

More remote jobs

Everyone is looking to do remote, or partially remote hires wherever possible. This is awesome because it opens up opportunity across a much wider geographical range. You don’t need to search near where you live or want to live, you can search based on interest in the company no matter where they are.

Even those not openly advertising remote jobs are more open to it than ever if you pitch them on it.

More flexible arrangements

Companies have more uncertainty right now. It’s tough for them to project and predict hiring needs and growth. That makes them reticent to enter into long-term agreements or run lengthy hiring processes. This can be good for you!

More companies are willing to do gigs, contracts, and trial runs. This lowers the bar a little in terms of who they’re willing to work with. Saying yes to an inexperienced person for a 3 month project is easier than for a big, permanent salaried role. You can get your foot in the door quicker by making it less risky to them, and then prove yourself and earn a longer term arrangement.

Greater desire to see your face and personality

In a world of remote roles and shifting contractual arrangements, most business is conducted over Slack and Zoom. It’s harder to get a feel for applicants personality and culture fit when you don’t have a lot of in-person interviews and time in the office.

That means during the hiring process, companies want to see more of your personality than ever up-front. Your ability to connect, communicate, and use soft skills is crucial, and your paper resume is less important than ever.

If you send a video pitch, you’re way ahead of the curve and make it much easier for hiring managers to make the decision. Staring at resumes doesn’t convey enough.

Each of these 3 big changes brings opportunity if you know where to look!

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