4 Podcast Episodes to Improve Your Mindset

To inspire the mindsets of an empowered job hunt, tune into these episodes ASAP.

A podcast can improve your mindset.

To do just that, and to inspire the mindsets of an empowered job hunt, here are 4 episodes to tune into ASAP. (All these are the brainchild of our founder Isaac Morehouse).

Forward Tilt ep. 43 – “Perfection is not a Precondition”

In this 7-minute podcast, you’ll see that to improve your mindset, at anything, you need to get your reps in.

Yes, be deliberate and thoughtful for each repetition, but when you emphasize completion rather than preparing and polishing, you’ll get better over the long run.

For Crash pitching, we do suggest focusing on only a few companies, and sending a high-impact value proposition that’s too good to ignore.

But at the same time, know that each time you send a pitch, you’re getting better at the process of pitching, which means the next pitch will be even better! 🙂 So let go of perfection and ship the pitch.

Improve your mindset: Career Crashers ep. 40 – “Is It Time for a Big Leap?”

Breakthrough moments in life are not by accident. They sprout from the daily tiny tasks that compound over time. Often, it’s the unsexy choices that breed results.

But once in a while, you need to take that bold leap, to jump into the unknown and take a risk. Think about your life situation right now. Do you need to seize the day with a major move?

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.

JK Rowling

Office Hours ep. 02 – “Turning ‘We Should’ into I Did'”

This episode is gold.

Isaac and partner-in-crime TK Coleman breakdown the most effective way to create change within a company.

Rather than “we should change X.”

Try, “I made this new version of X, what do you think?”

The former just bottlenecks the to-do list at a company. The latter moves the needle forward.

And the same approach applies to a job hunt! Just create value without permission by sending a pitch and a project, i.e. “I did this for you!” This tip to improve your mindset will put you at the top percentile of budding professionals.

Forward Tilt ep. 17 – “Never Coast”

This podcast cuts to the core of who you are as a professional.

The question is asked, “If I’m finishing my last two weeks at a job, do I still need to work hard and give 110%?”

The answer here is not about should or shouldn’t.

It’s about the reputation you build with yourself.

Will you bring your A game every day, so that excellence becomes a habit?

Only you will know, and that’s reason enough.

Shape your thoughts to improve your mindset

The podcast world is an opportunity to get fit when it comes to mindset. Personally, I’ve listened to 99% of the episodes of Career Crashers, Office Hours, and Forward Tilt, which together transformed my life.

How will you feed your mind today/?