The Crash Report: 04.10.2020

Today is a bit weird, really sad, and really exciting: it is both mine and Ilya's last day on the Crash team.

10 Essential Things I’ve Learned From Workin...

Last year, I got an entry-level marketing job at a startup. And I learned so much more than I could've imagined.

Career Crashers Episode 31: Connor Maloney on Gett...

Connor Maloney just finished his job hunt. And despite not being as qualified on paper, he had a lot of success getting interviews. In this episode, Connor joins Isaac to break down how he created his own opportunities—and found a

The Crash Report: 04.03.2020

This week, we heard some amazing stories from both Crashers and hiring managers this week about how Crash has helped them win their job hunt and hire awesome people.

Something That Matters: Why Substack Could Be a Gr...

Substack is a startup helping writers get paid for writing. And not only are they a super cool platform—but they'd be a great place to launch your career.

Career Crashers Episode 30: Pedro Mattos on How to...

In this episode of Career Crashers, Pedro Mattos joins Isaac to break down how he won a great opportunity before it even existed. Here are the show notes.

The Crash Report: 03.27.2020

Updates from the Crash team on the work we did this week to help job seekers discover and do what makes them come alive.

Career Crashers Episode 29: Levi Morehouse on Maxi...

Levi Morehouse started his career as an accountant. But he decided to quit—and he took a different direction, leading him to found Ceterus, a high-growth fintech startup. He joins the Career Crashers podcast to share his story. Here are the

Reinvent the Web: Why Webflow is a Great Place to ...

Webflow is empowering people all over the globe to create—and that's a pretty cool mission to get behind. But beyond just being one of the coolest products I've ever used, Webflow is a great startup to launch your career.

The Crash Report: 03.20.2020

This week, we continued building momentum by shipping several video pitch and dashboard updates (like stats on the dashboard and the ability to email your pitch right on the platform!) and by finding new Crashers. Here's a closer look.