Harman Dayal

This week on Career Crashers, Harman Dayal of The Athletic joins the show to talk about how he broke into a career in sports journalism while still in his teens.

There was definitely some bumps along the way. You can imagine that as a 13 year old, my product wasn’t fully refined, and I was still figuring out my way. But just being able to get those early reps, I was very fortunate for it.

Harman Dayal

Harman works a staff reporter for The Athletic, where he covers the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks and is often featured on radio and TV coverage for Sportnet.

Learn how Harman used Twitter, initiative, and free work to start blogging about hockey at 13, get his first paying writing gigs while still in high school, and get hired full time by one of the fastest growing and most respected sports publications in the world.

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Show notes

  • Getting into sports writing by blogging as a fan.
  • Using analytics to support writing about non-obvious player qualities.
  • Getting published at 13 years old, and doing unpaid work.
  • Getting his first paid opportunity in high school.
  • Ditching college.
  • Growing into a real reporter.
  • Advice for people who want to do what he did: find a niche with an audience.

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