Career Crashers 62: Invest in Your Growth Mindset and Growth Mindset Benefits

"You want to signal left and right that you're going to appreciate in value and become indispensable."

It is easy to get discouraged when looking at the list of requirements on a job posting. Previous experience, marketing skills, tech skills, sales skills, nunchuck skills, the list goes on and on. On Career Crashers, Joel shares how to work past this with some growth mindset benefits.

How do you press forward and convince a company that you are the right fit for a job, even if you don’t have all the skills and experience they’ve listed?

You want to signal left and right that you’re going to appreciate in value and become indispensable.

Joel has the answer in this week’s episode about investing in a growth mindset and the growth mindset benefits.

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Show notes – Invest in Your Growth Mindset and Growth Mindset Benefits

  • If you make a growth mindset your number one soft skill, there is no limit to what you can accomplish
  • When you’re looking at job postings, don’t dismiss your chances if you don’t perfectly fit the description
  • Companies want to hire people that can do the job, but also can grow and provide long term return on investment
  • Why motivation matters a lot more than experience when it comes to getting opportunities early in your career
  • Building confidence over time by taking on your own projects
  • As you develop your ability to learn, you become more and more confident in your ability to communicate your abilities to others

Full Transcript: – Invest in Your Growth Mindset and Growth Mindset Benefits

Welcome to Career Crashers, where we tell the stories of those who are not content to wait around following rules and hoping for good things to happen. Great careers aren’t found. They’re forged.

It’s time to crash the party.

Joel Bein
Make growth mindset, your number one soft skill, bet on yourself and your ability to learn on the job. And you can be unstoppable. Because no one is perfectly qualified for any given job. There’s no absolutely perfect person who has every single little detail that the company wants, it’s like buying a house, you have your wish list, and then you have a reality. And you’re not going to find the perfect house, there’s going to be a couple things that you don’t like. And some things you do like.

Same thing with companies hiring you, they have their ideal, and they’re never gonna find someone who checks every single box. So if you know that you can accept your imperfections. And you can accept that you’re not perfectly qualified for any role. But you can also pitch yourself on your ability to learn. Maybe you’re really super strong at customer success, and working with people and helping them solve their problems empathizing with them, awesome.

But a company you want to work for is asking you to do 20% marketing stuff. And you’ve only really done a little bit of that kind of stuff, and it’s out of your wheelhouse and you’re not totally confident on it. That’s great, totally fine. If you make growth mindset, your number one soft skill and having growh mindset benefits. If you become the type of person who on a daily basis is insatiably curious and self reflective, and looking at your own abilities, evaluating them honestly and say, Okay, what can I go out there and learn we at this amusement park known as the World Wide Web.

How can I hop on Udemy, hop on Skillshare, hop on LinkedIn Learning, hop on YouTube, find books, invest in yourself, education, invest in your growth. And that’s going to create in your psychology, the sense of forward tilt, the sense of always going forward, always learning, always soaking up information. And you can build a lot of confidence and self trust, by investing in that on a daily basis. So that when you step in front of the camera, and you pitch a company, say it’s that role, it’s 80%, customer success, 20% marketing, right?

You’re feeling great about the customer success stuff, you have experience in that. But you know that this startup company needs more of the marketing stuff. Great, you become the person who is continually learning, you’re going to step in front of that camera and have an authentic confidence about you, when you’re in that frame of growth mindset where you pitch them, Hey, this is not in my background. But hey, I’m already learning all about email marketing and reading this book, or I’m reading all about copywriting. And here’s a blog posts attached to my pitch. That’s me learning out loud, what I’m what I’m working on in terms of marketing.

Okay, you’re admitting that you’re a beginner, you’re just getting started here. But you’re signaling, right? Crash is all about signaling, what type of value creator you are through pitches and projects in a way that a resume can’t do. So you’re signaling through learning out loud through projects, hey, this is the trajectory that I’m on.

I’m already learning on my own, no one assigned this to me, I’m already learning on my own this area of incompetence for me. And I’m investing myself. And if you invest in me, right, this is the implicit signal you’re sending. By talking about growth mindset by showing your work out loud, attach that to the pitch, you’re implicitly inviting them to invest in you.

Because you are proving to them that you are going to be an asset over time, you’re going to appreciate in value or companies not only hiring you, based on your skill set in the given moment. They’re thinking about their long term ROI.

Just like if they were going to buy a product or a subscription service to help their business, a tech tool to help their business grow. It’s the same thing if they’re hiring a human being. Everything is a transaction, everything is an investment. So a good company is going to be thinking about how that investments going to pay off over time.

So you want to make it easy for them. You want to prove signal left and right, that you are going to appreciate in value and become indispensable to them is about signaling that and it’s about first starting with it for yourself, and you’re tapping into your own curiosity. Now, maybe you’ve lost that a bit, maybe you’re kind of in the zone where you, you understand Crash pitches, you see that that helps people stand out. And it’s really about proving your value.

But maybe you have a couple projects, a smaller body of work, but you’re not necessarily making a lot of progress and momentum. And you maybe not feeling the motivation to really go seek out some YouTube series or books. Or maybe you got to sort of do a little bit of introspection, they’re like, hey, what am I curious about? You don’t want to force this process. You don’t want to jam a square peg into a round hole in your own growth mindset.

Do what makes you come alive. But recognize that maybe you have some areas that you can improve in and that you if you can see, okay, I really want to improve in marketing. I’m interested in helping people genuinely find brands and companies that improve their lives. Okay. That’s what marketing is all about. Looking internally into your psychological landscape here can be helpful to get your curiosity blob growing, so to speak. Right?

So self education, autodidacticism, curiosity, intrinsic motivation. These are qualities that are key for cultivating this growth mindset and cultivating the Crash mindset of taking initiative. And sort of having this empowered approach creative approach, not the sort of school mindset of checking boxes and just waiting for the authority figure, so to speak of the company to give you permission to have an interview. Right?

That’s kind of how we learned that mindset of the teacher said, This is what you’re supposed to do for the assignment. And then as long as you do that, and then you’ll wait to see if, if it’s right. No, no companies aren’t authority figures. Companies are just other human beings. And they want amazing people to help them create value at their company to grow the company and to serve more and more people.

So your intrinsic motivation is essential in really communicating this ability to to create value and grow over time. So you want to kind of want to look inwards and see what what sort of motivation, take an audit of your motivation. And say, Well, okay, I’m feeling maybe deflated right now, kind of or apathetic right now, or unmotivated?

What’s going on there, have a little bit of self acceptance there. And then as you take inventory and audit What’s going on? Alright, then you sort of just ask yourself an open ended question.

What am I curious about? What am I curious about? How can I grow? You don’t need me to answer it right away. Just send the question to your subconscious. And as you sleep, and as you go on walks, and take long showers, your sort of subconscious is doing all that work. And you’ll start to cultivate, right cultivate curiosity, which is going to feed into having growth mindset benefits.

As you start learning new topics. And you watch yourself, tackle challenges, watch yourself, do a course on Udemy on YouTube, reading a book blogging about it showing your work. So over time, this can really turn into something that’s immensely valuable to a company because you’re, you’re tapping into your own curiosity. And that growth mindset is getting invested in getting invested in just like compound interest with a bank account with an investment account. That’s the eighth wonder of the world.

So you invest in your growth mindset. You’re gonna see immense results, and you’ll build the confidence you as you watch yourself, tackle these challenges. Watch yourself learn things without someone assigning you a project, right? Again, that’s the sort of school mindset I’m not going to learn anything unless there’s an assignment. No, if you begin to cultivate your ability to self direct, auto didacticism is that is learning on one’s own.

This self motivation as you begin to cultivate that you’re going to build confidence in your ability to learn new things. And that’s just going to snowball compound and be a really beautiful asset. And as you do pitch more and more companies, again, that’s going to really come through not only in what you say on a pitch video, but in just your overall countenance on that pitch video.

You’ll have this sort of stance this just automatically have it a stance of growth mindset benefits. Hey, I know how to learn. Hey, Growth minded Hey, I have forward tilt on making things happen. You don’t need to just hold my hand and spoon feed me or tell me what to do. I’m going to go create value in this way. And maybe that’s that 80% customer success. I’m crushing a crush it at that, here’s what I’ve done. I’m still growing in that way. And here’s what I’m working on right now.

And if you invest in me, right, your pitch the company, if you invest in me, you will not regret it. You will not regret it because I will be an amazing indispensable asset over time I will appreciate and 3 6, 12, 24 months down the line, you will not regret that because I will be such an invaluable asset as I continue to snowball with my growth mindset.

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