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In a world full of so many different companies on so many different job boards, how can you narrow down to the ones that will provide you with the best opportunity for growth with true rocketship jobs? That’s what we’re talking about today with Henry Johnson, the creator of Rocketshipjobs.com.

“I am to job boards what playlists are to Spotify.”

You’ll learn about what makes a company a rocketship company, how to find them for yourself, and how to find and win great opportunities with them. If you want to try out the Rocketship Jobs newsletter, go to rocketshipjobs.com.

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Show notes – Finding Rocketship Jobs for your Career

  • Why regular job boards are a waste of time.
  • What it means to find a company that’s trying to get wet at a waterfall, not find water in the desert.
  • Why Henry didn’t want to work at a large company anymore, but started to look at startups instead to launch Rocketship Jobs.
  • What to look for in a company. What makes a rocketship company?
  • How to get rocketship jobs at amazing companies before they ever hit the job boards.
  • Using social media posts for cold outreach.

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Full Transcript: – Finding Rocketship Jobs for your Career

Welcome to Career Crashers, where we tell the stories of those who are not content to wait around following rules and hoping for good things to happen. Great careers aren’t found, they’re forged.

It’s time to crash the party.

Hey, thanks so much for pressing play. Alright, if you’ve been following Crash for any amount of time, then you should know that we know that the job hunt does not have to be soul crushing. But it’s possible to have an amazing fulfilling job hunt, where you don’t just come away with a new job at the end of it, you actually are more valuable to the overall job market than when you started.

Now, a big part of that leap is understanding that working in a great company is actually more important than having your dream job title right now. But in a world full of so many different companies on so many different job boards, how can you narrow down to the ones that provide you with the best opportunity for growth to take your career onward and upward as we like to say?

Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, we’re going to sit down with Henry Johnson, who is the creator of a newsletter called Rocketship Jobs.

I think the problem with job boards is there’s too many jobs, right? Like, for example, I go to Indeed, it’s just too much, right? It’s like, I’m in sales, right? I’m an accountant, I’m looking for an account executive role. I go to Indeed, I put an account executive, it just pulls up companies, all different kinds of companies, like, How do I know which one makes what I’m looking for? Right?

You see, Henry built rocketship jobs to solve a personal problem. He was working at a large company, and he wanted to find a place that had more potential to take his career to the next level, a rocket ship company.

That’s what I think of the problem is, right, so what I’m trying to do is be more of a curator for people, right? It’s like going to Spotify and saying, I want to listen to music. Okay, like, press play is anything there, right, like, but what I’d rather you do is say I want to listen to you know, hip hop from the 90s, right? Boom, there’s a playlist for that. And then that’s Rocketship jobs. Right?

Not hip hop for the 90s. But startups, you know, that have a chance of, you know, becoming the next Facebook, Uber, Uber, cetera, boom, Rockwtship jobs is your playlist, right? So I’m, I am to job boards what Spotify playlists on Spotify. Right. That’s how I look at it.

So I originally started rocketship jobs, because like, I’m at a large company right now. And I was at I was at the point like, I’m ready to leave, I don’t want to be there anymore. I don’t like the large company feel, I the cog in the machine thing, not my thing. I wanted to go to a startup and and really have an effect on it.

The thing is, I didn’t want to go someplace that I felt didn’t have the opportunity to change my life and one of three ways, right? One, give me the ability to, to grow like to have a significant amount of equity that I would like, just to be life changing, to like, be able to grow my learning and knowledge, like how business is running, like cuz I probably want to start my own one day, have that knowledge or three, be able to like grow my place in a org chart quickly. Right.

So that’s the three things that I look for in the rocketship companies like, I want them to have those character those three characteristics, because that’s what I was looking for for myself.

Now, those are the reasons why you might want to work at a rocket ship company. But how does Henry go about deciding which companies are most likely to be rocketships and provide rocketship jobs?

The way that I evaluate companies in terms of which ones I think I have those characteristics are a lot of different things. So there’s the first thing I think you nearly need to think about is, what is the business of this company? Right? Like, how does this How does this company work and operate? And what’s the market for it? And that’s the first thing I think about. So are they in it?

And I forgot who said it? I’ve said it so many times I can’t remember who it was. But I’ve looked for a company that is trying to get wet at a waterfall, not find water in a desert. Right? And I think that’s important, right? So you’ll, you’ll notice, if you go to Rocketship Jobs, you’re not going to find any, like event marketing companies right now. Right?

Because like, at the end of the day, like yes, it may work for some people, but like, it’s going to be a very hard thing to do is to create an event marketing company that’s going to be successful during COVID. Right, maybe one may work, but it’s going to be few and far between. I’d rather find the company that is like for example. There’s a company called fireflies.ai that’s all that’s in rocketship.com I don’t know, like I read all the companies like five stars to one star in terms of like their rocketship-ness.

I don’t have them as of five, right but they’re built, what they do is that they record that they build on the on the back of zoom, right? So they record like your Zoom conversations and sales conversations on that. And then you can go back and go through transcripts and things of that nature, right? Macro Dotto, Otter AI, I think he’s another one Gong, it just just became like a billion dollar company.

Like these companies like they’re in a space that is going to work, right, which one’s going to win? Who knows, but they’re in a space is going to work. So that’s, that’s number one must pick the right the right space.

Two, look at the founders and the den that leadership team, like, what’s their experience, like and do that? And do I think that they have the ability to actually pull it off? and run it right? You? You never know 100%? Right? Somebody could be Zuckerberg, and they never done anything before. But now they’re, you know, going to about to, you know, kill it, right? Who knows.

But I but when I’m evaluating it, granted, a company like that, that doesn’t have a founder that’s been successful for can still be on rocketship jobs. But I also if I see a company that’s in a great market, has a founder that sold you know, four companies before they’re going to get hired, you know that I like that that’s a good sign to me.

Those are the main two things that I’ve that pay attention to. And then then I’ll look at like, you know, how the product is being received in the market? If they have it out there, right, what are people saying?

So, if you’re looking for a rocketship jobs, for your next career move, Henry just described the core factors to look for a company in a great market with a founder with a strong track record, a place where you have the opportunity to learn a lot and grow quickly.

And as a bonus, one where you can get equity in the company that has the potential to be completely life changing. When we think about companies that can be life changing opportunities, we tend to think about innovation companies that are highly innovative, but what if that we’re actually overlooking some of the best opportunities out there?

If you’re not changing the way that things are done, like there’s no opportunity for you to be like a rocketship company. That said, there are ways to take like an old approach. And the innovation is just as a new market. Right? And that and that, honestly, it are some of my favorite companies because it’s proven right? It doesn’t it almost it doesn’t need to. They like they can follow the same playbook and become a billion dollar company pretty easily, just because the market is growing, right?

Like for example, two amazing ones that I love, love, love love right now are doing old software and just putting it onto a market that’s growing really fast. That’s a subset of about another, you know, of internet users, essentially, as Internet users grow right? Then they’re these markets that are under internet users grow right? So that what I mean by that is this cup like Zendesk is a is a customer support website, right?

Everybody, you know, that was there. That was their thing. Like they you know, customers pour for every business, right? But then as like, Shopify becomes a bigger thing, right? More ecommerce businesses exist. Shopify is a billion dollar business business in itself. Many e commerce businesses are gonna use Zendesk, but then if somebody comes and creates like a, this Zendesk for e commerce businesses, now it becomes like, Okay, if I’m an e commerce business, like, I should probably look at this one because they are built for me. Right.

And, and that, that’s an easy billion dollar business, whereas Zendesk may be, you know, I think they’re like 60 billion. They don’t have time to be like are we’re gonna make Zendesk for e commerce? They will, they’ll do it eventually. But Gorgeous is an ecommerce for Shopify right now. They’re doing over, over, I think they were, I think there were 13 or over 10 million arr right now, already, right? Zendesk doesn’t have paid time to pay attention to 10 million arr. If you’re a $60 billion company, that doesn’t make sense, but by the time they do start paying attention to it, we’re just gonna be a $30 million arr.

And when you’re 30 million, like your path to 100 is very simple. You know, I mean, it will not simple but but almost inevitable, right? It just can just keep growing, just keep growing, you’ll be at 100, you mean 100,000,000 in 2 years, you know, I mean? And that becomes very achievable. So Gorgeous, is doing that with e commerce. And Kirby’s doing that with e commerce, right. So Kirby’s marketing automation, right? HubSpot can’t, can’t, can’t focus on that.

That’s what HubSpot did. It’s what it’s what HubSpot is doing to Salesforce in the and what do you call it space in the CRM space, right? We’re doing it for CRM. So for just small businesses, So you just take a segment and attack it. It I love that more than any more than anything.

Henry mentions a couple of companies that he thinks are Rocket Ships. Gorgeous and Privy. here a couple more that he’s got his eye on.

Yeah, so I’ll give you I just tweeted this out. Adam Ryan, he used to be the the president of the Hustle. He said, If you had to invest in one private company with the goal of getting the biggest return, who would it be? And he said, I’ll go with Rippling. So I think I’ve been talking about Rippling already. Agree 1,000% they’re gonna be they’re gonna be a huge company.

So I said, Yeah, I agree Rippling. Then I said, Pipe, I think pipe is going to be a really big company. Not sure if you’re familiar with them. But essentially, what Pipe does is they are like a, like a lender for SaaS companies, right. But they’re a marketplace so that so they enable SaaS companies to get all of their their MRR upfront.

So let’s say you have a $10 a month, you know, SaaS. You know, they’re gonna pay you $10 a month, instead of getting that $10 a month, right? Pipe will connect you with like, they their marketplace where they connect you with a lender that will give you you know, what is that 10 times 12 that they’ll give you that $120 upfront, right?

And then they take a little fee for the connecting, but they are marketplace that helps you do that. That’s gonna be that’s I think that’s gonna be huge. Because how every company is going is going to this MRR you know, setup, right? Everybody’s trying to do you know, mother, your current revenue. But what’s the problem with revenue, reoccurring revenue? Is that you were waiting for your money for months and months and month.

Cash flow, it’s a cash flow problem, right? You have read business, like cash flows, everything, right? So the cash flow issue. So they, they’re, they’re kind of stepping in front of the ventures, right? Like, instead of like, a lot of people raise venture money, because they’re like, I need the cash flow. That’s why they do it. But it’s like, I don’t need the cash flow anymore. If I can just get it from Pipe. Right? And if that if they fed the model, right? It can it can be huge.

Alright, those sound like incredible opportunities, right? But how do you go about getting opportunities at companies like that? They can feel so untouchable. Well, you have to understand the stages that a company goes through before a job ever gets posted to a job board.

The way it works in release, what I’ve experienced is there becomes a need, right? One manager sees I need this person, I need a person, right? Then they start having conversations internally about getting that wreck opened. Then the rec is opened, then it gets on the website, right? But there’s so much time between rec on the website, and I need this person. Right.

So what the chat so that that space in between is a somebody who reaches out colds opportunity, right? Like if you are willing to like not just apply on a job board and send a cold video, or send a cold email that gives you the opportunity to find jobs that are going to exist, but nobody but it but the people who just apply to job boards have no opportunity to even get them, right?

And that’s how I got that job at a startup before it existed. I cold emailed the hiring manager, and he’s like, Oh, yeah, I’d love to hop on the phone, hop on the phone had dinner with him. You know, two weeks later, we’re talking about you know, salary and stuff, right, getting the job, the job literally never hit the job board. So if you were looking for a job, well, you never have opportunity.

So finding a company with a need, before they’ve publicly posted it, and showing them that you can solve that need. That’s the reason why we built Crash, it’s to prove your ability to solve problems for companies to prove your ability to create value. Now, how do you make sure that your pitch to them your offer will actually have impact?

I have a belief that everything is sales. That’s my that’s like my, my belief on the world, right? And I’m in sales, right? So I been I send cold emails all the time, right? The way that I found the opportunity is I knew I wanted to go to a startup I was trying to leave where I was at. So I found a company that was 200 or so employees, and then I was like I want to it’s going to be easier for me to get into a company at sales at a company that like I understand the space.

So I found one that was you know, similar space as me. I found like 10 problems like I try to like not go too many, you know, I try to start limiting so like 10 or so companies so that way I can really, you know, focus on them. And then as I’m going through the company and looking at LinkedIn, I found one guy who used to work at the company that I was at at the time, which was AMC. Went to the same college as me went to University of Maryland.

So I think we’re we’re buddies now, you know, I mean, and that’s how I approached it, right? I just said, like, Hey, you know, see that you and I have a very similar history, right? We’re both terps, you both worked at AMC, I’m looking at this company that you’re currently at looks like an amazing place to work based on that, you know, Glassdoor and and the product that you sell, I’d love to learn more, if you have, you know, five to 10 minutes.

And then then he just responded, I was gonna, I always got time for a turf, right? Because we’re connected, right? So you’ve made it made it super easy. But you don’t have to have that level of connection to do that similar kind of thing, right? Like, you can look something you can like, I recommend people go directly to the CEO. One, because the CEO knows everything, you know, there at the end of the day, either.

They care the most about every hire, right? They need to make these things happen. Like you can reach out to one hiring manager, but it’s not for them. So they don’t care about that hire. So they may not respond. But the CEO cares about hiring for everything. And then too, you can find, think more things about CEOs typically, then like random hiring, managing, I mean, so you can find a way to connect with them in a way that other other people in the industry and a couple you may not be able to.

So like one thing I recommend people do a lot of times just like, go to the CEOs like Twitter or LinkedIn, they either like on Twitter, for example, I’ll go like to Twitter Advanced Search, like put in, you know, keyword some, and then find something that they said, That’s interesting. Screenshot it and then put that in like, as was my way of connecting like, Hey, you know, hey, John, like I saw you tweeted this, like, I love I love what you were talking about here, like, I agree, because I’m loving what you’re doing at XYZ company, and you seem like a super smart guy, like, I’d love to, you know, connect with you one day about your the roles that you have open for you.

I mean, like that, I think, makes it very easy to send that email, right. So So that’s kind of how I, I found the company and would approach on other companies.

Finding the CEO of a startup and sending her a great pitch is one of the best uses of your time on your job hunt, it gives you a great chance at an opportunity. But it really helps you nail that first impression with somebody who likely has connections and other needs that you might not even have thought of yet.

But CEOs are in high demand, right? They’re busy all the time. So how do you go about pitching a company if the CEO is hard to get to? Well, Henry gives us an example of a company we just heard about. Rippling.

I think some companies are harder than others, right? I think Parker Conrad probably a really hard one. You can even see like, I don’t see him on even podcast, right. But you see his CTO on podcasts. If you look up rippling, the CMO, actually like the way he got his job, I think it was Google or someplace. He made like Google hire me calm Google hire me calm and like he made like a whole like, you know, like a one radio campaign to get there.

Right. So you can you know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a cold email, you can get different creative ways to kind of get into these companies. And I think if you’re trying to get into rippling through cold outreach, I think you may have to do something a little more creative like that, or you go levels down, right, you go CTO, your CRM, your CMO, because they’re not getting hit up like Parker is. And I still think they’ll be able to make some moves with for you there.

All right. We’ve talked a lot on career crashers about taking a different approach to starting and building your career. An approach that is radically different from resume blasting and filling out the same application countless times to companies that you don’t even know that much about.

We’re creating an experience where you find companies you are excited about and sending targeted pitches directly to the decision makers and Rocketship Jobs is a great tool to use in conjunction with that it’s a way to find these great companies and opportunities.

Essentially so the way Rocketship Jobs free and premium work the free is one email a week pretty essentially what that email is, is updates on what’s happening with the Rocketships that are on the database. And you know, companies that are being funded and things like that terms of who’s hiring, things like that, that’s the free email.

The paid email is very similar to that but also then gives you links to old newsletters that um, give you a little more detail on these companies, as well as contact information and database access to the look more into these companies. And then also With that, you get access to the Complete database where you can then essentially Google do your own prospecting on these companies.

With that, in that prospecting, like, you’re gonna have the contact information for right now, just the all the CEOs, but soon is going to be like the entire executive team as well. And I’m just going to continue to add to that database, man, I’m loving adding that database. So like I said, you’re gonna, they’re gonna be pages for each of these companies that you’ll be able to, like, set them up as like, I want to learn when they’re hiring somebody new things like that, you’ll be able to have like, you’ll be able to attend the fireside chats that then as CEOs of the other companies, you know, questions about their culture and things like that, cuz I think that’s a big one.

And people were curious about, like, what’s the culture like, and I want to make sure that people have that ability to, to learn that. But yeah, so that’s that, that’s the main things about what you’re going to get with Rockship Jobs premium. And it’s $20 a month for the premium. So the way it works right now is, it’s a $1, free trial for a month.

So that way, you can really get your hands around the around the database. And look, if you want the screenshot and take it home with you. I don’t care, right? You do what you do what you want, right? But you got you got two months to get it done. But that database keeps getting better every day. It’s kind of the goal so that if somebody does screenshot it and take it, right, I can’t stop that. But I want you to I want it to be, I want it to be that, you know, once you left, you’re still missing out on you know, there’s awesome things still coming.

If you want to try the Rocketship Jobs newsletter for yourself, go to rocketshipjobs.com/crash, to get a free trial of their newsletter. Once you do, and you find cool companies that you want to pitch, send them a pitch on Crash.

Make them an offer. That’s hard to say no to make it easy for them to say yes to you by proving your excitement for that company in particular, and your ability to create value and move them along on their mission.

Alright, that’s our show for today. And if you want to connect with Henry, he’s super active on Twitter. He’s @TalkToHenryJ. And you can also email him at Henry@rocketshipjobs.com

Introduce yourself. He’s a great person to know in this ecosystem. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.

If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, don’t hesitate! Email Joel at Joel [at] Crash [dot] co.

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