Career Crashers: Be Hungry, Don’t Be Boring with Nick Black

Nick Black, founder and CEO of GoodUnited, shares with Joel how job hunters can do better, and what receiving a pitch is like from the business side.

Last week on Career Crashers we heard Hunter Casillas’ story of winning an opportunity at GoodUnited with a unique pitch.

You gotta stand out, and you gotta be different. I’m not looking for people that have good grades. I don’t give a sh*t. But we’re looking for people that are committed, that are different, and that are willing to put the work in.

Nick Black

This week we’re hearing the other side of the story and talking with Nick Black, founder and CEO of GoodUnited, to find out what receiving that pitch was like from the business side.

And you gotta try. We have 1800 applicants a month for the positions at GoodUnited. Maybe two people try, a month. Maybe. Everyone else just submits a resume.

Nick Black

We also learn about Nick’s backstory as an entrepreneur, his dedication to helping veterans, and supporting non-profit organizations.

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Show notes

  • Founding a non-profit after deployment in Afghanistan.
  • The kind of people Nick hires, and why.
  • First order of business: know what you want.
  • If you can’t figure that out, at least know what you DON’T want.
  • Solve problems that matter to you.
  • How getting an experience and a new perspective on the world can put you in a different pile.
  • Hiring a kid with no experience or college degree.
  • Instead of putting 10 resumes in, focus on one company and make five connections.
  • Showing that you can hack the system.
  • The problem that GoodUnited is solving: retaining donors.

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