Ljupco Stojanovski

Ljupco Stojanovski Jr. is an account executive at Xplenty, co-host of The Deliberate Dropout Podcast, and a college dropout.

I’m going through university, I’m going through college, but there is no immediate ROI on the material that I’m learning.

And at such a young age, I wanted to grow my career, I wanted to make money, of course, and I just didn’t see university as a viable option to learn the soft skills that I needed.

Ljupco Stojanovski

One day in a university calculus class on imaginary numbers, Ljupco decided he’d had enough with college and made the call to drop out.

As I’m going through university, I’m learning imaginary numbers, I’m learning how to write the perfect MLA format essay size 12 Times New Roman, and to me, that’s not really practical advice to actually add value in the workforce.

Adding value in the workforce looks very different.

Ljupco Stojanovski

In this episode, he shares the journey he took from that moment to finding his first job opportunities, building marketable skills, to now building a flourishing career in software sales.

It might sound ridiculous, leaving college to go work for free, but that’s probably a better ROI than what the classroom was teaching regardless. So that was my way out.


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Show notes

  • The ROI of college.
  • Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and investing in sales skills.
  • Dropping out and working for free.
  • Getting a mentor to shadow, selling real estate.
  • Learning how to sell a big asset really quickly in car sales.
  • Going through Praxis to figure out the next step.
  • Transitioning to being an SDR.
  • What Ljupco wish he knew in the beginning.

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