Career Crashers: From Wealth Building to Job Hunting with Sarry Ibrahim

Sarry's business is helping high-net-worth individuals grow and protect their wealth.

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Sarry Ibrahim!

Think of their point of view. Sit on the other side of the table and think of what they want to get accomplished.

And then deliver that. Pitch what they want to get done.

Sarry ibrahim

Sarry’s business is helping high-net-worth individuals grow and protect their wealth. He helps people plan for retirement, find more liquidity in their business, or become their own source of financing for their investments.

You’re helping the company, they’re not helping you. Pivoting these kinds of things changes everything.

Sarry ibrahim

Sarry shares how he got started in his career, what drew him to entrepreneurship, and how young professionals should think about growing wealth and growing their income as they start their careers!

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Show notes

  • Pivoting from an MBA track into financial planning.
  • Freelancing on the side and starting your own business.
  • Hiring and getting hired is a matter of filling the gaps.
  • Selling as an essential skill.
  • Why everyone is on commission, regardless of whether they’re in sales.
  • The problem with traditional (stock market) wealth building, and how to build safe and predictable wealth over time.
  • Books Mentioned: The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason, Becoming your Own Banker by Nelson Nash, Maximum Influence by Kurt Mortensen

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