Mitko Karshovski

This week on Career Crashers, Mitko Karshovski joins the show to talk about his story of breaking into a career in marketing and how the explosion of remote work in 2020 should change the way we think about jobs.

Begin to build your personal brand around your specialization.

And by ‘personal brand’ I don’t mean having hundreds of thousands of Youtube subscribers or Instagram followers, but, do your ideal clients know who you are?

Mitko Karshovski

Mitko is the host of That Remote Life and an entrepreneur focused on helping people build successful location independent businesses and live life on their own terms.

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Show notes

  • What the trend to work from home means for the future of work and society at large.
  • Dropping out of college, despite pressure from parents and family.
  • Rolling into the startup scene in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Identifying your strengths and leaning into those to get hired.
  • Running an FBA business.

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