Career Crashers: Make Pitching Easy and Fun

When we think about the job hunt, we tend to think about hard and not fun work, but it doesn't have to be that way!

This week on Career Crashers Joel is diving into how to make Crash pitching easy and fun!

When we think about the job hunt, we tend to think about hard and not fun work, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Finding a company you like, telling them why you love what they’re doing, and making something small that has value to them will blow away most companies.

The very fact that you did that at all, is sending a major signal that you’re going to take initiative and that you’re looking to solve problems.

Companies are craving that!

It will put you in the top 1% of job hunters and more than that it will help you have a lot more fun on your job hunt!

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Show notes

  • The mindset block of “no pain no gain”
  • Why it’s still true that there are no silver bullets
  • How to stop asking yourself if you’re allowed to do this
  • Why the bar is low and how to easily step into the top 1% of job hunters
  • Coming up with little projects you can do to grab attention and prove your value

Full Transcript:

Hey Crashers, it’s Joel. We’re gonna make this a short and sweet episode but full impact at the same time, and also light and playful, and curious and fun. Because I want to talk about making the job hunt fun, making it easier than you think. We’re sort of trained growing up that results need to be difficult. No pain, no gain, and heavy lifting is the only way to get big time results. Otherwise, it’s too good to be true.

So we sort of have this ingrained in us, I would say growing up. And then you come across a mindset shift like Crash. And maybe you’re really inspired really excited, because you realize, Oh, I can put this in my own hands. Oh, wow, I could send a value proposition I could send a pitch. That’s way more interesting and specific than a resume. Definitely, job hunting with a resume is boring and bland and so doesn’t get results. So then you’re inspired right.

And this happened to me when I first heard about the concept of sending a value proposition A few years ago, was like, Whoa, this is amazing. But then, I started creating this mental block of, well, it must take hours and hours and hours and hours of research and preparation. And so it’s going to be really uncomfortable to do what no one else is doing. We sort of work up in our head is mindset block, right? Because we kind of expect good results to take tons of effort.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s any sort of quick fix silver bullet magic pill going on with Crash, there’s still an essential ratio of what you put in is what you get out that age old wisdom still applies. If you put some extra energy and creative effort into the pitch, you will more more likely have a better response back for that particular pitch. But at the same time, we tend to work up right, like I’ve been saying, we work up in our head how much it takes to do this process.

And I want to invite you to simplify it and make it easier and just start doing it. Just start doing it. Just play in the sandbox, just fill up your bucket with sand and try to make a little sandcastle. That’s it. And each time you do that, you’re going to get better at it. Right. So tap into that energy tap into that energy that you had when you were two, three years old, right? You’re making that sandcastle for real.

It’s honestly what a bigger sort of meta vision we have for /crash and the pitch economy is to enliven everyone’s daily experience, right? We want people to come alive, we want the job hunt to be fun and alive and creative. We want you to find companies that are curious. All these are childlike qualities, right? And so a child is not stuck in his head in her head with questioning whether he’s qualified to make a sandcastle, right.

When the little child starts to learn to walk, there’s no inner dialogue happening between the ears of I’m not sure I’m supposed to walk. Right? The little child just starts to walk because they’re naturally curious and want to grow. And so we tend to sort of get that squelch in school, where we learn to follow directions wait for permission. We develop this sort of inner dialogue, these inner critics in our head, saying things aren’t good enough. And we have to be perfect in order to create something of quality. And actually, that’s not helpful, right?

So in your job hunt, tap into the playful energy, the lighthearted energy and say, I’m actually going to pitch I’m gonna shoot a pitch or I’m gonna see what project I could I could create for this company. Hey, let’s let’s go look at their blog and see what let’s learn more about this company. This guy this company looks kind of fun, huh? What’s going on with their their website? How could I improve their website? Or huh?

I’m an engineer, a software engineer. I wonder how I could add a new feature to this software product, right? Can I whip something up just something, something quick? Something a little value add and send that to that company, that’s gonna create immense value.

Because the other thing here is, the bar is low. And maybe we would like to see the bar, keep going higher over time, as the pitch economy grows. Right now, you’re listening to this podcast 2021. If you apply what you know, and what you are consuming, through this podcast through the /crash blog, you will be in the top 1% of job applicants. So your project that you create your video pitch that you send, it doesn’t need to be massive, it doesn’t need to be absolutely best pitch of all time, perfect, etc. to do something, just make the first sandcastle just test, just experiment.

What’s a small project you could make for a company? You don’t need necessarily to create this a mega value proposition of how you’re going to overhaul their business and become the best employee of all time. So their company 10x is you don’t need to create this massive, wowing pitch, the very fact that you create a pitch is going to be allow the human being who opens up their email on that Tuesday morning, after you email them a pitch is probably going to say wow.

If you simply send Crash pitch, two minute video, one minute video, smile the camera and say, Hey, company x, I really love what you’re up to I read this blog post. And I really resonated with this mission. And I want to help you scale this and reach more people. That person, the hiring manager, who already just started watching it, they probably said wow, within the first 5, 10 seconds.

If you smile, and you tell them you love them, you love that company, boom. And then you say, this is why I want to work for you. This is the value I could create. Maybe here’s a little project, here’s here’s a portfolio project attached below. But you don’t need to create 10 portfolio projects. You don’t need to create a treatise and attach that what’s something small you can create for them.

Write a little blog post about why you loved their website. And here’s how you can improve their website from a marketing perspective. Here’s a sample email sequence for your email marketing campaign or you signed up as a customer for their drip campaigns. And you went through them and you and you made some changes, made some edits about how they can improve them.

You don’t need to do surgery on them. Just make some value adds, right? The very fact that you did that at all, is sending a major signal that you’re going to take initiative and that you are looking to solve problems for the company. Man, companies are craving that companies are craving someone to show up and say hey, I went ahead and did this for you. Hey, I went ahead and did this for you. I’m gonna say that a third time. Hey, I went ahead and did this for you.

Just do it without permission. Do it without permission. Companies will be overjoyed, thrilled, relieved, oh, I don’t have to hold this person’s hand. They just did it for me. So yeah, if you create multiple projects, if you really go in depth and do a full on marketing analysis on different websites like Screaming Frog or Ahrefs, me mean, you could create an unbelievable pitch if you want to. That’s one of the best pitches of all time.

But you don’t have to is a point. You don’t have to be an all star. You can be a solid player who gets it done, shows up and is indispensable not because you’re one of the best of all time but because you are solid. And because you don’t need someone to tell you what to do. So again, the bar is low. You can be one of the first people in, in, in the world really to take on this Crash pitching mentality. and it’s going to be super valuable for your professional development because I can’t say this enough when you send a pitch you have already invested in yourself and you’re already winning.

I said this a couple weeks ago with with the episode about six ways that you win when you pitch but just to reiterate reiterate that you’re gonna grow by the very fact that you sent a pitch you’re gonna get better at pitching. So make it easier on yourself right make it easier on yourself release some of the pressure and I’m speaking from personal experience here because when i started pitching myself as a Crash user, I felt that oh I need to create this massive pitch and put hours and hours and hours and hours of energy into it.

And I realized, no you don’t need to overthink it. A few months ago on this podcast I interviewed Silas Mainer. Check out that episode and he’s talking about he put about 15 minutes of prep time in for a particular pitch just look at the website of it find out about the company if you customize your pitch at all that’s gonna be huge. So be intentional and be deliberate and do quality work right but give yourself a break.

Give yourself a lower barrier to entry. Release the pressure on yourself. Release all this inner dialogues about you need to prepare and prepare and prepare and just play just do it just do it just put the sand in the sand castle and ship your sand.

But I didn’t say that right. Put the sand in the bucket and ship your sandcastle. And have fun and smile have you know enjoy the process and you do that you’re going to have a more better chance of actually getting interview because people pick up on your energy they pick up on your countenance.

They pick up on your enthusiasm and your playfulness in the video and they want to work with those type of types of people. So super simple. Make it fun. Go out there and pitch.

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