Welcome to a new show, all about creating a career outside the boring, debt-laden, conveyor belt, paper credential chasing humdrum.

On the intro episode, I briefly lay out the point of the show and what we’ll be up to. Episode two comes next, and we jump right into our first career crasher story.

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Full Transcript:

Welcome to Career Crashers, where we tell the stories of those who are not content to wait around following rules and hoping for good things to happen. Great careers aren’t found. They’re forged.

It’s time to crash the party.

Welcome to the Career Crashers podcast. This is first episode. I’m your host, Isaac Morehouse, I am the CEO of crash.co.

What is the point of this podcast? Well, there’s so much terrible superstition out there when it comes to launching your career.

“Go get a degree, go pick a major, choose what you’re going to be,” you know, and, “pick it out of a course catalog, get good grades, build your resume, get a few extra bullet points on there, format it nicely, blast out applications, and hope that that turns into a life and career that you love.”

It’s absolute hokum. It’s ridiculous. That’s not the way careers are launched. But it’s not enough to talk about a better way to say, oh, let me tell you, you should do this, you should do this, or Oh, you don’t need to do that.

Humans think in stories. And I find stories a lot more compelling anyway. You know, there, there are times when a book that’s like, hey, here are 10 tips. Those can be nice, those can be useful. But it gets a little tiring, too. And the tips don’t always apply.

But if you can just read a story, just a biography of people who have done things that are cool, that are interesting, and you hear the way that they went about things, you pick up one or two things, and it’s different for everybody. But there’s always something that stands out. And some of those stories really speak to us and really show the way you know, we have a hard time as humans thinking of things as possible, unless we’ve seen them in existence somewhere, or some example of them.

So I’ll give you an example in my own life. I have my brother Nye, who’s an entrepreneur as well, we like to joke about geographical deficit or mindset deficit, because we grew up in kind of a small town Midwest. And so we were surrounded by people that didn’t think really, really big and bold. Good people, hard working people, a lot of small business owners, learned a lot from them.

But because I never saw someone, let’s say, trying to start a company that could be a world changing venture, or even talking about that, or I never saw anyone who was a professional athlete or actor as well, those things didn’t even seem in the realm of possibility. But if you’re around people who are professional actors, or athletes, or startup founders, those things don’t seem far fetched. And when they don’t seem far fetched, they become possible for you. Seeing stories and examples is crucial.

So we’re going to talk to a lot of different people at a lot of different ages and stages in life, about their interesting career crash stories.

What is a career crash story? It’s getting off the conveyor belt, thinking outside the box, whatever cliche you can come up with, breaking the mold, and doing things in a different way than anyone would advise you. Or that the system, the education-to-career sort of conveyor belt system would lead you to believe. Creatively pursuing a career.

Sometimes it involves breaking rules, bypassing protocol. It’s like crashing a party instead of waiting, with your nice, you know, dress code on the guest list signing in, you just kind of show up and you do it your own way. And the party crashers tend to be the ones you want to hang out with. They kind of, kind of have the most fun.

So we’re going to talk to a lot of people about their stories, how they got started on their career, or how they made a big career change in an unconventional way. And I think each one should, should be inspiring and fun and entertaining and unique. And they’re all different. But I’m guessing that some themes are going to emerge. Some themes are going to emerge that are real similar across every story.

And that’s one thing I’m excited about to unfold as we pursue this podcast. So probably most episodes will be interviews with people talking about their career crash stories, but not everyone. We’ll intersperse some audio essays, or I might riff on a couple news items or a few ideas related to career or read some listener questions, emails, or career crash stories that are submitted to us as well. If you have a story, let us know.

So that’s enough of me blabbing on the intro. Buckle up. Enjoy, and welcome to career crashers.

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