Career Crashers Podcast: From Serving Restaurants to Working in Startups with T.K. Coleman

Corné van Straten
Corné van Straten
January 2021

Right now is a hard time to work in the service industry. Across the country and around the world servers and others who work in restaurants, many permanently.

If you’ve worked in service and are looking for new opportunities, it’s easy to overlook just how valuable your experience can be in new lines of work.

You’re not an order taker. You’re an experienced consultant. You’re here to create a certain kind of experience for your customer. And that begins with building rapport, building trust and getting them to open up to you. And then figuring out how you can sell them something that they don’t even know they need, but they’re going to thank you for later.

In this episode of Career Crashers, Isaac is joined by TK Coleman to talk about why work experience in the service industry is so valuable and how to sell others on your skills when job hunting in new industries.

I look at sales as the process of making surprisingly pleasant recommendations.

TK Coleman is the Director of Entrepreneurial Education at the Foundation for Economic Education and the host and creator of Revolution of One.

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Show notes

  • Why being a server at a restaurant is much more than an order taker, and which transferrable skills you gain.
  • What it’s like to transition from a job as a server to a startup job.
  • Approaching a serving job entrepreneurially.
  • Why working in a restaurant gives you an advantage in the rest of your career.
  • How to effectively convey those skills to a potential employer

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