Career Crashers Podcast: How Jonathan Williams Revolutionized His Job Hunt

Corné van Straten
Corné van Straten
February 2021

This week on Career Crashers, Joel is joined by Jonathan Williams to talk about Jonathan’s experience on a job hunt before and after finding Crash.

For the first month of being laid off I was doing job applications the old school way. And it sucked. I sent out so many resumes and spent like eight hours a day on the job stuff. And I think I only heard back from one company.

Now, Jonathan is a newly hired customer success associate at ChartHop who used Crash tools and mindset to change his approach to job hunting and quickly found success.

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Show notes

  • Showing your personality in your job hunt, and how it helps.
  • Jonathan’s story, trying to find a meaningful career after college.
  • Getting laid off due to COVID.
  • Job hunting the old fashioned way and how it’s so disheartening.
  • Turning things around by a mindset shift.
  • Harnessing your passion to find and pitch a company you love.

Connect with Jonathan

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