Career Crashers Podcast: How Sales Skills Will Set You Apart on the Job Hunt With Nick Rundlett

Corné van Straten
Corné van Straten
February 2021

Sales Skills Will Set You Apart.

Nick Rundlett is a sales consultant and founder of Mastermind.army a mentorship group for sales professionals.

It’s such a natural and organic thing to want to do, to help people in a way that makes you profit and makes them profit. That is what freedom of exchange is. It’s a positive sum game.

This week he joins Career Crashers to talk about his experience breaking into a career in sales and how sales skills can set you apart on the job hunt!

First of all, the average candidate is re-active, not pro-active.

Learn more about Nick’s sales mastermind at mastermind.army and connect with Nick by email at Nick [at] rundlett.com

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Show notes – Sales Skills Will Set You Apart

  • How Nick first got bitten by the sales bug selling candy in high school.
  • Biggest misconceptions about sales.
  • Why working on mental health makes you so much more successful in sales.
  • Nick’s sales approach to the job hunt.
  • Simple ways to stand out from the pack.
  • The art of following up.
  • Why the bar is so low.

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