Career Crashers Podcast: Meet Trainual

Joel Bein
Joel Bein
February 2021

Meet Trainual: the Tech Company Getting Businesses Out of Their Owners’ Brains

Today, we’re learning about Trainual: a software tool that companies use to organize their processes and policies into a single business playbook for the entire company.

They call it “getting your business out of your brain,” something almost all business owners struggle with.

00:00​ Introducing Trainual Cofounders Chris and Jonathan Ronzio started the company in Scottsdale Arizona in 2018, and have since raised 6.8 million dollars and built a team of 55 people, successfully weathering the 2020 pandemic that disproportionately affected their customer base of small businesses. But, to understand this company, we have to dial our time machine all the way back to 2001…

01:54​ Backstory, problem, and solution

05:04​ Meet Shawn and learn about instructional design

10:10​ Meet Sasha and learn about Trainual’s culture, values, mission & vision Trainual is an incredibly empowering and supportive place to work. Some people see early-stage startups as risky career moves, but it’s companies like Trainual that raise the bar for all the others out there. Not just by how they invest in their employees and culture, but by their success in business so far.

19:39​ How to work at Trainual without 5+ years experience If you’re genuinely excited about Trainual—their product, vision, and people—show them with a video pitch! Go to Crash.co to get started. Chris knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes — eager to prove yourself, and willing to put in the work to show it.

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